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3/17 Match of the Day – Samoan Swat Team vs. The Road Warriors

by on March 17, 2011

Friday nights on TBS you will usually find one of two things – a repeat of a Family Guy episode you’ve seen ten times already or some unfunny comedy movie that bombed at the box office. What used to air on Friday nights on TBS was grown men beating the shit out of one another.

Power Hour, when I was a young six year old boy, was a solid part of my Saturday morning at 9:05 am between whatever CBS cartoons and Teen NBC show that I would also watch. But before then, it aired late Friday nights on TBS, just in time for many a wrestling fan to come home from the bar or after having spent a few hours getting liquored up at a house party to come and enjoy the superstars of the NWA/later WCW.

This match is one of those matches. While not as good of an overall match as a Clash of the Champions match they had, few teams I feel had better chemistry with Hawk and Animal than the Samoan Swat Team. This was a hot angle they ran in 1989 – which some say was the best year of wrestling, in any promotion, ever.

Also note the crowd and how genuinely excited everyone seems to be. A fun match for your Thursday evening entertainment!

– Mike

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