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Notable Pro-Wres Guests on the Podcast

(click the links to listen to all episodes featuring that person)

BJ Whitmer (Ring of Honor, Heartland Wrestling Association, Pro Wrestling NOAH)
Brodie Lee (Chikara, Dragon Gate, Evolve, 2CW)
Cheech Hernandez  (Chikara, Dragon Gate USA, Evolve, 2CW)
Jakob Hammermeier (Chikara/BDK)
Jason Harding (referee for Dragon Gate, DGUSA, Ring of Honor, Evolve)
Jonathan Gresham (Dynamic Dream Team/DDT, Combat Zone Wrestling, Chikara)
Leonard F. Chikarason (former Director of Fun/current commentator for Chikara, former commentator for Dragon Gate USA & Evolve)
Rob Naylor (Commentator for Combat Zone Wrestling, Dragon Gate USA and Evolve)
Tim Donst (Chikara/BDK, Absolute Intense Wrestling, Super Jesus Wrestling)
Tripp Cassidy (Insanity Pro Wrestling, Heartland Wrestling Association)

One Comment
  1. I guess you will have to add FCW commentator to Rob Naylor’s credentials.

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