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Joe Gagne’s Funtime Pro Wrestling Arcade

Episode 1: Pro Wrestling (NES):

Episode 2: Tecmo World Wrestling (NES)

Episode 3: Pro Wrestling (Sega Master System)

Episode 4: WWF Wrestlemania (NES)

Episode 5: WWF Superstars (Arcade)

Episode 6: World Championship Wrestling (NES)

Episode 7: Mat Mania (Arcade)

Episode 8: Takedown Wrestling (Commodore 64)

EPISODE NINE: Wrestle War (Sega Genesis)

EPISODE TEN: WWF Wrestlemania Challenge (NES)

EPISODE ELEVEN: WWF Microleague Wrestling (PC/Commodore 64)

EPISODE TWELVE: WWF Wrestlefest (Arcade)

EPISODE THIRTEEN: WWF Super Wrestlemania (Super Nintendo/Genesis)

EPISODE FOURTEEN: WWF Royal Rumble (Super Nintendo/Genesis)

EPISODE FIFTEEN: WWF Rage in the Cage (Sega CD)

EPISODE SIXTEEN: WWF Raw (Super Nintendo/Sega Genesis/Sega 32X)

EPISODE SEVENTEEN: WCW Superbrawl (Super Nintendo)

EPISODE EIGHTEEN: Saturday Night Slam Masters (Super Nintendo/Sega Genesis/Arcade
  1. How have you not covered Saturday Night Slam Masters yet? That game is a total classic!

  2. izotope permalink


    Love these videos, but have you stopped doing them? There’s not been an update for weeeeks!

    Please keep up the great work!

  3. We will be updating this in the next couple days.

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