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Episode 47: Capital Chikarason


This week, we’re joined by a man that we respect, admire and think is kind of cute (but would never tell him since we’re afraid he’d crush our feelings and turn us down), Leonard F. Chikarason! We run down the upcoming Chikara cards this weekend in North Carolina and Tennessee, plus what’s going on in the world of comic books, Tom’s trip to Insanity Pro Wrestling, the legendary VCW, lies told and days of school skipped for independent wrestling, and Leonard becoming a father (possibly AS YOU LISTEN TO THIS SHOW)! If you like your episodes of M&T scatter-brained, this is the show for you!

Follow Leonard on Twitter @MushroomJones and keep up with his thoughts on everything in the world of comics at

Episode 46: It’s Never Too Late (To Play With Toys)


This week, we welcome Kevin Ford of Pro Wrestling Ponderings and the Chikara Special blog and Tumblr to discuss a subject near and dear to any child of the 1990’s who liked wrestling: pro wrestling action figures! From the WWF LJN’s to the WWF Hasbro’s to the WCW Galoobs’, we played with them and lived to tell the tales. We reminisce about our first figures, how the WWF’s merchandising ventures were gateway items to pull so many innocent children into the world of wrestling, our careers as junior matchmakers, how ridiculous it was to expect a child to try and play cage matches, tremendous “moves” that only the WWF Hasbro figures ever did and so much more!

Follow Kevin on Twitter @kford13 and make sure to look out for Kevin’s return to the show in a few episodes to discuss some of the later lines of wrestling figures unleashed onto this world!

Approximate time: 58 minutes. 

Episode 45: We Lied

Episode 45 – DOWNLOAD

So yeah…um. This is awkward. Guess we’re not done, eh? The show that people listen to on days when nothing else comes out has returned after a hiatus that we thought was going to be indefinite with an audio-packed hour (there’s no action; that’d be a fabrication). Joe Gagne of Joe Gagne’s Funtime Pro Wrestling Arcade and Joe Vs. The World joins us to discuss his journey to Brockton, Massachusetts this past weekend for some Chikara wrestling action (including talk of the 12 Large Summit as it winds down, the possible rhyme behind certain reasons, Vin Gerard’s lovely physique and more), plus Tom runs down the Dragon Gate USA card from Indianapolis (UHAA NATION, the best match from 2011 that no one’s seen yet, Ricochet’s incredible improvement) and Mike tells us all about how great Absolute Intense Wrestling’s Todd Pettengil Invitational was!

Plus, the return of TV TALK! If you enjoy us not talking about wrestling, the last twenty-five minutes are for you! We run down our thoughts on How I Met Your Mother’s season premiere, praise the brief resurgance of Michael Scott towards the end of last year, talk all about Mac’s fat and share what we’re looking forward to this upcoming fall season (don’t worry, kiddos…Whitney Cummings gets bashed).

If any of y’alls think we’re cute or witty and want our constant streams of conciousness sent to your Twitter feeds, follow us at the following:

M&T Twitter: @MikeTomPresent
Tom’s dog Archie Simpson: @ArchieSGreen

Also, check out Jae Renfrow’s fantastic blog, covering the entire WWF New Generation run, plus live show reports, Japanese wrestling reports and an interview with Billy Corgan!

Weekend Adventures with Tom & Friends: The Pilot

Weekend Adventures with Tom: The Pilot (DOWNLOAD)

The site might be dead, but we as human beings aren’t! As a preview of a project Tom’s starting up in the next few months, we give you a little surprise for still coming to the site: the pilot edition of “Weekend Adventures with Tom & Friends”. On this beta episode, Tom’s pal Nick Maniwa sits down with him to discuss Indianapolis’ Insanity Pro Wrestling, as they had a star-studded tenth anniversary card last weekend featuring Adam Cole, Sami Callihan, Kyle O’Reilly, Davey Richards, BJ Whitmer, Drake Younger, Danny Havoc and a cavalcade of international stars! From a really hot opener featuring six guys who will be the “it” guys on the Midwest indie scene in the years to come to possibly DJ Hyde’s best match ever to an insanely hot eight-main main event and everything in-between, we try to bring it all up on episode 0.5 of the show! We also delve into the high points of this past Saturday’s “Assault on Autism” show that IPW put on (where we recorded this at) and we have all sorts of fun cameos. Follow some of our pals from this episode on Twitter at:

Reed Bentley: @TheReedBentley
Jessica Poor: @Jessbeesknees
Sue Jackson: @BigSueJackson
Insanity Pro Wrestling: @InsanityPro 
Jason Harding (even though he wasn’t around by the time we recorded, he’s still a pal): @RefHarding123

The End.

After some discussion and thought over where we wanted to steer the Mike and Tom ship, we’ve decided to wish each other the best on our future endeavors.

Tom and I agreed to do a weekly, bi-weekly, sometime multiple times a week podcast, and later this blog, for however as long as we wanted to. As long as we felt good doing it, we’ll keep on doing it. Recently, Tom had posted something on his Twitter leading me to e-mail him to find out he wanted out. And with Tom out, there’s no Mike and Tom. So instead of trying to replicate all of Tom’s work, I’ve decided to just close down the blog from any new updates.

Tom and I don’t hate each other (at least not on this end) and it’s not like this is some ugly divorce. It just kind of happened and I still don’t know the full story. There was just a disagreement of some content on here which led to a conflict in where and who we want to have as our target audience.

The website will still be up. There’s LOADS of stuff on here so still stop by and listen. We’ve had some incredible reads and some tremendous podcasts. Even most recently the Cheech and Brodie Lee interviews that I’m proud of.

Tom will be back in some form I’m sure. He’s talented and he’s unique. Whatever he does with that combination will be entertaining.

I’m done for the time being. The NFL lockout is over, Big Brother is in full swing, I have a mountain of prowres DVDs, and hockey season is two months away of me drawing together potential Flyers lines for ’11-’12. No podcasts unless Alan invites me on his show.

I want to thank anyone who visited the site and listened to even one podcast. Believe it or not, and sometimes I even can’t, we had HUNDREDS of regular listeners in our year or so doing the podcast. Amazing. Guys like Leonard Chikarason, Ben Pasco, Alan FourL, Joe Gagne, Bobby Rios, Dr. Keith, Naylor, Nick FN Maniwa, T-Mack, Rovert, Jason Harding, BIG DRINK, LVLL, F4W Board, Twitter people, and my good buddy Tom Richards have been great supporters and we thank you.

– Mike

El Pasco Texas: ISW Burger King of the Ring Results or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Hate CT a Little Less.

Call it a cliché, but I hate Mondays. I guess I’m more like Garfield the Cat and the Boomtown Rats then I realized. I hated waking up in High School, I hated waking up in college, and now I hate waking up for work. Quite frankly, Mondays are The Rocky V of the days of the week (annoying, disappointing, and full of Sage Stallone’s shitty acting. Oh crap, I just realized that there are six Rocky Movies. I want there to be seven so I can assign each one a day of the week. Rocky IV is Friday, duh). Mondays are even worse is when it comes off the high of a weekend like the one I just spent. Read more…

Match of the Day – 7/25/11 – Meng vs. Sting on the Beach!

Mike’s got the ship for the rest of the week–

Back in the summer of 1995, one year after Tom’s WCW blogject , WCW held their yearly Beach Blash/Bash at the Beach pay-per-view. In previous years, places where you don’t particularly think of beaches as Mobile, Alabama and Biloxi, Mississippi were the sites for past events. But this year, WCW held their event actually ON the beach. It made for a pretty cool spectacle despite it not being a too hot of a show. Regardless, it has a decent opener – featuring a man who is headlining the next pro wrestling pay per view. Sting and Meng always worked well and I liked this match enough to pick it. Plus, you know, the whole it being summer and the beach thing ties in.

Bonus footage includes the PPV opener featuring Macho Man and some super cheesy graphics!

Read more…

Summerslam 2004: Alex Fitzgerald’s Personal Hell

By Alex Fitzgerald

I sat here bored on a Friday night and needed something to do that would make me feel productive. I decided “Hey, I’ll review a SummerSlam. It is the next PPV after all and it would be topical”. So I of course choose something from when I was younger and was a younger fan. Specifically, the 2004 SummerSlam. I didn’t know what I got myself into. What follows are the notes I made while watching this event.

Read more…

7/25 DYNAMIC DEBUT MONDAY Match of the Day: SID vs John Kronus

Today’s Match of the Day is, quite certainly, dynamic in its “debutness”. Taking place at the Guilty as Charged pay-per-view event promoted by Extreme Championship Wrestling on January 10, 1999 in Kissimmee, Florida, Sid Vicious goes extreme and makes his ECW debut against John Kronus.

Sid Vicious has never had any issue looking like a monster, but this might be the most monstrous Sid’s ever looked. He went out there looking like this jacked up mountain-man in the denim, he stares down poor Kronus and then throws him through a table right on his head. I’ll give all the credit in the world to John Kronus for being game to let Sid beat him like a tackling dummy. This is also the match that exposed the myth that ECW fans are these ruthless wrestling sophisticates who only liked legitimately talented guys who busted their butts for the cause, as Sid (who’s the epitome of “musclehead mainstream star”) walks into ECW and gets a gigantic reaction unlike anyone else on the show. The whole thing is a spectacle and should be seen if you’ve never seen it before.

To see the match in its entirety, click under the cut!

Read more…

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla EIGHT 7/23/11 – Complete Results & Review of PWG’s Anniversary Show!

Thanks to our buddy Erik Barnes over on the F4WON Board for an excellent analysis and review of last night’s big Pro Wrestling Guerrilla show celebrating eight years of being one of the best independent pro wrestling companies in the world. Click below to see the full results!

Read more…