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We’re Back+ New Monday morning blog + Archive

by on March 20, 2012

Hey everyone. Just seeing if this works. I (Mike) am to blame for this not being updated as much as it should with all the new podcasts. I hope to have that up soon if you have missed them on our Twitter. which is where we do most of our postings on stuff like that. Just renewed for year two and I’m thinking of doing a Peter King/Elliotte Friedman 30 Thoughts type deal every Monday morning for you to read at work/before class/during class/whatever. I mean, who the hell am I really? But I watch a lot of stuff of all sorts of all years and I guess this is where all my thoughts will go.

Also, go back and go through our archives. There’s some real good stuff by Tom and Ben Pasco, among others. In a way, I wanted this website to be a Grantland for ProWres, before Grantland ever came on board. It’s the grandfather to It’s Raining Meng, which you should now bookmark.

Talk to you soon.

– Mike


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