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A Personal Christmas Letter From Tom…

by on December 20, 2011

(Note: we were going to record a Christmas show, but our schedules are in complete disagreement of each other during the holiday season. I had asked to record this as an audio segment with someone else just so we had content, but I got to thinking and I don’t know if I’d be able to say some of the things I want to say aloud into a microphone. If Mike wants to take this down, I completely understand. It gets intense. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.)

2011 has been a rocky road.

Awesome things have happened, like being able to marry my best friend and the success of this podcast and Joe Gagne’s Funtime Pro Wrestling Arcade. But, it’s been tough. Really bad financial issues, some struggles with depression that I’m not proud of, and most recently the issues with my wife’s pregnancy (and trust me, hearing that bad news will crush your soul in ways that nothing else in your life possibly can). But, there are some really special people that have really helped me through it and brought me to the light that is shining right in my face going into 2012 (more on that in a second). Some of them are friends and family that are completely separate from whatever internet happenings go on, but there are a large group that have been very attached to this site and podcast. I wanted to give thanks and show my gratitude during this holiday season…

To Joe Gagne: Thanks for coming up with the brilliant idea that has kind of made us a big deal amongst nostalgic video game nerds.  Working on those videos has helped get my mind out of bad places and gotten me through some bad times this year. Also, the e-mail you sent a couple of months ago was a thousand percent helpful.

To Ben Pasco: Yeah, I log off of Facebook chat when you get too drunk and sloppy. But you really are a good dude and it’s honestly a treat to be your friend. You’re truly the “Vest in the World”.

To Keith Lipinski: Thanks for letting by-gones be by-gones with a snot-nosed kid who was jealous or something. You’re a tremendous fellow and all of the best wishes for your and your wife’s newest addition.

To Jason Harding: You and your lovely wife Alicia have been far too good to me this year; I appreciate every ounce of advice and wisdom you two have bestowed upon me. Your son is one of my favorite people in the history of the world and I wish his enthusiasm about almost anything to any adult who has been soured on this world. I’m sorry I had to fib about the baby thing on Saturday; I couldn’t bring myself to saying anything in that forum.

To Sue Jackson & Tripp Cassidy: Thanks for being good friends. Two of my favorite new people I’ve bonded with this year. It’s been my honor and privilege to see you guys grow as performers and as men. Working with you guys was a blast. This world is your oyster; tear independent wrestling up. To Sue in specific: I appreciate you and your lovely lady Mary’s friendship infinitely and you two’s friendship with my wife and support for her is something I am forever thankful for.

To Chikarason: You are a tremendous human being and, along with young Rhys Harding, on my list of “favorite people alive”. Your fandom of the podcast has made it so much easier to do and getting to know you in 2011 has been tremendous. This site would be less popular without you and I would be a lesser person if I hadn’t have gotten to know you. Your words helped me through some of the tougher times this year more than I could express.

To Nick Maniwa: Being your friend for this long has been a beautiful thing. Thanks for standing up there beside me when I married my bride. You and Jess kick love’s butt and will continue to until the end of time. Also, thanks for being friends with Bentley; he’s a charming, intelligent fellow who I am pleased to call a friend of mine after meeting him through you. He’s tied into my message to Sue & Tripp; he’s going to tear up wrestling in the coming weeks, months and years.

To Mike: I know I’ve been difficult to work with this year, but it’s been a pleasure to share this ride with you. We’ve done some really awesome things with this site and I’ve gotten some really cool opportunities through it. It wouldn’t be possible without you and I’m forever grateful.


With that all being said, 2012 will be spectacular. The bad news is that it looks like my presence on the show will be ending in the next couple of months, but it’s not due to internal drama or me getting apathetic and giving up like I am known to do. It’s for a really awesome reason. I will not say what’s going on or even give any hints out of fear and to avoid having to correct all sorts of incorrect hub-bub.

However, I will jump up on my soapbox to say this: Find what you love in this world and find a way to do it for the rest of your life. Do whatever it takes to make it happen. No dream is too silly or ridiculous to imagine; nor is there one too preposterous to go out of your way to make come true. If it’s in your heart, it’s worth doing.



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