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Episode 53: This Big Group of Women

by on December 4, 2011


Two episodes in a week…we haven’t pulled this one in a while, eh?

First, Tom is joined by Jae Renfrow of the Devil May Care blog to discuss Billy Corgan’s Resistance Pro and their first show, held this past Friday in Chicago! From almost literally a bird’s eye view, Jae observed the whole show and came on to talk about the entire mess of a main event, the lack of a promised wrestling revolution, having a non-verbal conversation with Victoria/Tara about Teddy Hart’s vomit, if anyone’s figured out what the heck the “King of the Night Time” is, the elusiveness of the mysterious Cubs Fan, the stark difference between Chikara’s crowd from June and the people who showed up for this show, the startling ratio of men to lovely ladies in the audience and more! Catch Jae on Twitter @JaeKRenfrow

Then, Mike and Tom Richards talk about sex and orgies. For the first thirty seconds, at least. Then, they go into their thoughts on Chikara’s first night of JOSHIMANIA from Philadelphia at the Asylum/ECW/CZW/WEW Arena! Included in what they discussed: gushing over Archibald Peck and Tim Donst, Tom Richards not being able to tell if Gami was a lady or not, Tom’s buddy who promotes shows when he gets the time off of work, Mrs. Richards: joshi wrestler, the abrupt ending to the main event and more! Catch Tom on Twitter (yes, Tom finally got on the Twitter bandwagon) at @TheTomRichards

All of this, plus the first bleep in the history of the podcast!

Approximate time: 65 minutes.

Next week, we begin our look at this year’s Observer Awards!
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