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Episode #49: Double Tom’d Love

by on October 18, 2011

Episode #49 – DOWNLOAD

This week, both Toms are on the line together with one Mike! Tom Richards joins us, as he and Mike went Bound for Glory in Philadelphia this past Sunday! The power of Hulkamania came alive throughout Impact Wrestling…or something, and they were eyewitnesses (things they were also eyewitnesses to: Jerry Lynn taking far more risks on a bad back than Hulk Hogan, the most hyped pre-show match since the Huckster versus the Nacho Man, Ring of Honor nostalgia and more!)

Then from there, we talked about the FANTASTIC AWE pay-per-view from Saturday in all of its naked, saggy glory, frustration in shoddy camera work on indie wrestling DVD’s, the modern wrestling fan’s struggle with time management, Silas Young, the underutilzation of Mike Enos and every single B-level pro wrestling television show currently in production! It’s almost a full hour of hodge-podge wrestling audio theatre!

Approximate time: 57 minutes.

Be sure to join us next Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, as EPISODE FIFTY IS ON ITS WAY! We’ve got something so big planned that even WE don’t know what it is! But it’s big. We swear.
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