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Episode #48.5: Jae Spoke to Me

by on October 12, 2011

EPISODE #48.5 – DOWNLOAD*************

On Tuesday night, Tom recorded what was supposed to be a 20-25 minute segment for Episode #49 of “Mike & Tom Present…” with blogger/actor/father/good fellow Jae Renfrow. It ended up going so well that we went one hour. Thus, I present to you Episode #48.5.

We discussed a hodgepodic cornucopia of pro wrestling, including this most recent season of NXT, the massive potential of “Showtime” Percy Watson, how just giving WWE undercard wrestlers simple storylines can motivate them to be better, Tatanka improving with age and defending his 40-Man Battle Royal Title, the absurdity of Florida Championship Wrestling’s new Ascension stable, the awkwardness of oggling Eddie Guerrero’s daughter, who would play the title role in an indie wrestling revisioning of “Rudy”, DA MOTHEREFFIN’ SOUL TOUCHAZ FEATURING WILLIE DA BOMB RICHARDSON, the horribleness of Evansville, Indiana, how cruel kids can be towards those with fanny packs, Sugar Dunkerton love and more!
Plus, we took an in-depth look at the entire Resistance Pro (aka, “The Billy Corgan Promotion”) roster and hopes for the new promotion heading towards their first show on Black Friday in Chicago, as Jae interviewed Gabriel Baron of Resistance Pro for his blog (which you can read HERE).
Check out Jae’s afformentioned blog featuring the WWF NEW GENERATION ERA PROJECT (where he’s going back and reviewing a ton of WWF TV shows, pay-per-views and random house show matches from the New Generation Era in chronological order), Japanese wrestling reviews, modern WWE TV reports and great indie wrestling live reports. Also, follow him on Twitter at @JaeKRenfrow 

Approximate time: 61 minutes.
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