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Episode 46: It’s Never Too Late (To Play With Toys)

by on September 28, 2011


This week, we welcome Kevin Ford of Pro Wrestling Ponderings and the Chikara Special blog and Tumblr to discuss a subject near and dear to any child of the 1990’s who liked wrestling: pro wrestling action figures! From the WWF LJN’s to the WWF Hasbro’s to the WCW Galoobs’, we played with them and lived to tell the tales. We reminisce about our first figures, how the WWF’s merchandising ventures were gateway items to pull so many innocent children into the world of wrestling, our careers as junior matchmakers, how ridiculous it was to expect a child to try and play cage matches, tremendous “moves” that only the WWF Hasbro figures ever did and so much more!

Follow Kevin on Twitter @kford13 and make sure to look out for Kevin’s return to the show in a few episodes to discuss some of the later lines of wrestling figures unleashed onto this world!

Approximate time: 58 minutes. 

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