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Episode 45: We Lied

by on September 20, 2011

Episode 45 – DOWNLOAD

So yeah…um. This is awkward. Guess we’re not done, eh? The show that people listen to on days when nothing else comes out has returned after a hiatus that we thought was going to be indefinite with an audio-packed hour (there’s no action; that’d be a fabrication). Joe Gagne of Joe Gagne’s Funtime Pro Wrestling Arcade and Joe Vs. The World joins us to discuss his journey to Brockton, Massachusetts this past weekend for some Chikara wrestling action (including talk of the 12 Large Summit as it winds down, the possible rhyme behind certain reasons, Vin Gerard’s lovely physique and more), plus Tom runs down the Dragon Gate USA card from Indianapolis (UHAA NATION, the best match from 2011 that no one’s seen yet, Ricochet’s incredible improvement) and Mike tells us all about how great Absolute Intense Wrestling’s Todd Pettengil Invitational was!

Plus, the return of TV TALK! If you enjoy us not talking about wrestling, the last twenty-five minutes are for you! We run down our thoughts on How I Met Your Mother’s season premiere, praise the brief resurgance of Michael Scott towards the end of last year, talk all about Mac’s fat and share what we’re looking forward to this upcoming fall season (don’t worry, kiddos…Whitney Cummings gets bashed).

If any of y’alls think we’re cute or witty and want our constant streams of conciousness sent to your Twitter feeds, follow us at the following:

M&T Twitter: @MikeTomPresent
Tom’s dog Archie Simpson: @ArchieSGreen

Also, check out Jae Renfrow’s fantastic blog, covering the entire WWF New Generation run, plus live show reports, Japanese wrestling reports and an interview with Billy Corgan!
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