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The End.

by on July 26, 2011

After some discussion and thought over where we wanted to steer the Mike and Tom ship, we’ve decided to wish each other the best on our future endeavors.

Tom and I agreed to do a weekly, bi-weekly, sometime multiple times a week podcast, and later this blog, for however as long as we wanted to. As long as we felt good doing it, we’ll keep on doing it. Recently, Tom had posted something on his Twitter leading me to e-mail him to find out he wanted out. And with Tom out, there’s no Mike and Tom. So instead of trying to replicate all of Tom’s work, I’ve decided to just close down the blog from any new updates.

Tom and I don’t hate each other (at least not on this end) and it’s not like this is some ugly divorce. It just kind of happened and I still don’t know the full story. There was just a disagreement of some content on here which led to a conflict in where and who we want to have as our target audience.

The website will still be up. There’s LOADS of stuff on here so still stop by and listen. We’ve had some incredible reads and some tremendous podcasts. Even most recently the Cheech and Brodie Lee interviews that I’m proud of.

Tom will be back in some form I’m sure. He’s talented and he’s unique. Whatever he does with that combination will be entertaining.

I’m done for the time being. The NFL lockout is over, Big Brother is in full swing, I have a mountain of prowres DVDs, and hockey season is two months away of me drawing together potential Flyers lines for ’11-’12. No podcasts unless Alan invites me on his show.

I want to thank anyone who visited the site and listened to even one podcast. Believe it or not, and sometimes I even can’t, we had HUNDREDS of regular listeners in our year or so doing the podcast. Amazing. Guys like Leonard Chikarason, Ben Pasco, Alan FourL, Joe Gagne, Bobby Rios, Dr. Keith, Naylor, Nick FN Maniwa, T-Mack, Rovert, Jason Harding, BIG DRINK, LVLL, F4W Board, Twitter people, and my good buddy Tom Richards have been great supporters and we thank you.

– Mike


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