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’94 WCW BLOGJECT: 7/23/94

by on July 22, 2011

I never realized this until now, but could Hulk Hogan have possibly set up Bash at the Beach to get himself over with the urban audience since WCW primarily ran in the South, thinking that a washed-up television star and a random famous athlete would work just because they were black?

We open with the usual three-announcer stand-up in front of a green screen. I am legitimately surprised that anything but Hogan versus Flair from the Bash was mentioned, but I’m glad to report they at least brought up the angle where Lord Steven Regal went after Antonio Inoki and Pretty Wonderful winning the tag belts.

-They didn’t show the entrances before the match, as I assume they sent Badd out with the Television Title he didn’t win at Bash at the Beach to either throw off the few fans on the internet at the time or they changed their minds on the finish of that match between this match being taped and the pay-per-view.
-Badd randomly busted out a La Magistral in July 1994.

-Keirn and Badd are having a really solid wrestling match (emphasis on “wrestling”). Not a ton of schtick, but a lot of holds and catch-as-catch-can manuevers.
-Badd wins with a crucifix pin out of nowhere. Considering Badd was still being pushed and Steve Keirn was on his way out, Keirn taking most of the match and Badd beating him with a flash pin was bizarre.

-Another match without an entrance. Considering Regal is in this match, I’d have to assume both of the first two matches’ entrances being cut has to do with the Television Title.
-In a deal that made a ton of sense but you never see in wrestling, Regal went for a pin after taking Rich down by the hair and referee Randy Anderson refused to count the pin because of the hair pull.
-I’m guessing they had started telling fans how they had to react at tapings, since the fans were going nuts for everything equally, which looked insanely fake.
-Regal wins with the Regal Stretch after a sick forearm to the face.

“Diamond” DALLAS PAGE (w/The Diamond Doll) vs KENNY KENDALL
-Dallas Page, at this point, looks about as sleazy as a wrestler has ever looked.

-Page won a way-too-long match with what might’ve been the first televised Diamond Cutter in history.
We go to a pre-taped promo with Dustin Rhodes, responding to Arn Anderson turning on him and joining the Stud Stable at Bash at the Beach. Well, nevermind. Dustin was too depressed to respond.

-The fire-scorching sound effect when Steamboat would blow the fire never gets old.
-What did get old was Gene Okerlund. He had a long shilling segment before this match that I skipped because Gene’s charm is really wearing thin.
-Steamboat chopped Vincent in the forehead. It was awesome.
-Steamboat wins with a top rope bodypress. Vincent had the gall to GET UP AS SOON AS THE PIN WAS COUNTED. And he probably wonders why his brother couldn’t get him a contract…

“Stunning” Steve Austin cuts a promo with Gene Okerlund. Austin pretty much buries Steamboat’s “Dragon” gimmick and Steamboat gets so mad that he walks over to the interview set. Steamboat said that Austin couldn’t touch the great ones’ jocks and Austin replied. What he replied with, I don’t know since they bleeped the entire thing. I could lip-read that he totally said “cock” at least once. Steamboat slaps him and the building goes nuts. It wasn’t the best segment, but both guys were so passionate that it worked for me.

-I wonder if Santo is one of those old wrestlers who’s so out of the loop that, when he found out about the Vince McMahon angle this past Monday night, he immediately tried finding some sort of contact to Triple H to see if he could get a favor from seventeen years ago.
-Levesque had a shockingly great baseball slide. Looked killer.
-Levesque wins with the inverted Indian Deathlock after a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. If Rey gets the match with HHH he requested on his new DVD, it’ll be interesting to see if HHH busts it out.

The Stud Stable are standing at the interview area with Gene Okerlund. Arn almost worked out the censor’s bleep button finger once again as he used a “frickin'” that sounded a LOT like that other word. Anderson says he turned since he didn’t want anything to do with the Stud Stable feud, but Dustin kept begging and begging, so Arn said he would take the match, but he never said he’d be Dustin’s partner.

-If Fred Avery came around in 2011, he’d be on some horrible indie wrestling flyer that someone would find and post on a message board for “lulz”.

-There was a lovely spot where Pillman grabbed a reverse hammerlock, then grabbed Avery’s back hair to make him scream and run around.
-Pillman wins a short match with the top rope clothesline.

-“Ain’t nothin’ like a string on a chicken wing thing, ya mean?” -Stevie Ray during the Harlem Heat entrance.
-Furry woodland creatures had to die to create Morton and Michaels’ mullets.

-Michaels and Morton wrestled like a live action Ricky Morton costume contest, where they’d tag out and take turns trying to out-sell and out-dropkick each other.
-Booker T. pinned Michaels after a legdrop version of Demolition Decapitation.

Harlem Heat cut a promo announcing that they have a mystery manager to take them to the World Tag Team Titles. I’m assuming this was supposed to be Ron Simmons, but Simmons never came back to WCW.

After they replayed the finish of Hogan/Flair from the Bash, we go to a Hogan post-match promo from after the pay-per-view. Hogan claimed he had George Foreman on the “Hulkaphone”, which I hope he sells when Linda brings him under the poverty line. Also, Jim Duggan (who I don’t think was under contract until September) randomly appeared.

-How weird is it that, in the same week, Rip Rogers is in “Battle of the Losers”-style matches on both the SMW and WCW shows I reviewed?
-Someone needs to steal Boone’s spot where a heel backs him up into a corner off of a collar-and-elbow tie-up and he slides out, then does some wacky gesture all Jackie Chan-style.
-Boone wins with a top rope moonsault after throwing a roundhouse kick that looked like it really sucked to take.

Cactus Jack and Kevin Sullivan cut a promo with Dave Sullivan. Lots of weird faces were made.

World Tag Team Titles: CACTUS JACK & KEVIN SULLIVAN vs PRETTY WONDERFUL (Paul Orndorff & Paul Roma)

…Well, nevermind. My disc started skipping like madness and I saw about three seconds of stills. I tried fast-forwarding and restarting the DVD, but the best I could get was it being able to skip to the end of the show, where Ric Flair congratulates Hulk Hogan on beating him for the WCW World Title in his promo.  Sorry.

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