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7/21 Match of the Day: Joey Ryan vs Eddie Kingston

by on July 21, 2011

Today’s Match of the day comes from May 11, 2007, as the infamous Fight Sports Midwest presented its second card, entitled Chapter Two.

This is an interesting “MOTD” for me, as this was part of one of the two shows that myself and some friends put together under the Fight Sports Midwest banner (you can get the DVD’s at, but I legitimately don’t know who the money actually goes to, so if I didn’t like the Smart Mark Video gang so much, I’d encourage you to just pirate the shows). If you want the “dirt” on the whole FSM deal, listen to a podcast I did a couple of years ago with main promoter Mikey Blanton since I’m not really going to go into detail here due to the fact that it was almost five years ago and between myself and everyone else involved, we’ve probably told every FSM story about three million times apiece. However, I will share a fun anecdote.

I was directly behind the giant black curtain doing the audio production for the show. On the other side was our equivalent to the “Gorilla position”, where the late, great Ed Chuman sat and ran the lights for the entrance (he owned the entire set-up). For some reason I can’t recall, Ed wasn’t there, but long-time grappler Bull Pain (spoiler alert: Bull Pain did a run-in at the end) was. Joey Ryan did lots of stalling tactics and chicanery for the majority of the match and, for whatever reason, Bull wasn’t incredibly amused. Bull decided to heckle the match through the curtain, though I guess no one could hear him. One of my fondest memories of the life of Fight Sports Midwest is hearing Bull Pain cry “CHEAP HEAT! CHEAP HEAT!” as Joey Ryan pulled out his inhaler halfway through the match. Right before his run-in, Bull looks at me and says, “Watch what I do to this ref, kid”. I knew he was supposed to lay out Kingston and the referee, but I was not prepared to see Mr. Pain pick up young Andy Long and give him a sideways package piledriver. I don’t know if he mentioned it to Andy before the match, but judging by how he goes up for the move, I don’t believe he did.

To see the match in its entirety, click under the cut!


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