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Episode 44: The Dr. Keith Lipinski Show!

by on July 18, 2011

If you don't know who Ken is, you'll find out on Episode #44 of Mike & Tom Present... (Credit to Ken's Facebook, of which we totally didn't get permission to steal this picture)


CM Punk’s Mindblowing-Palooza ’11 came through the Windy City on Sunday night and we’re joined by a tall man who was there to witness it all! Dr. Keith Lipinski of The Puroresu Power Hour, The Dr. Keith Lipinski Show, Dr. Keith Presents… and Roadhouse is this week’s guest as we discussed all sorts of “wangs and thangs”, as a restaurant in Streamwood, Illinois would suggest. Such wangs and/or thangs included: an oral history of wrestling pay-per-view events held in Chicago, Illinois, men falling down far heights during Mark Henry matches, references to mutual friends of Keith’s and Tom’s that confuse Mike (and probably the entire audience), the man who brought a nuclear family-sized sign to support his favorite Diva, how 2004 Keith Lipinski was blown away at what 2011 Keith Lipinski was watching in front of his very eyes, whether we’d go all the way with Stephanie Kaye in 2011, another famous Chicagoland ladder match and on a far more serious note, how CM Punk is the living embodiment of the garage band that went platinum without changing a thing.

Approximate time: 53 minutes.

I would say you could hear Keith on Dr. Keith Presents… at, but let’s be honest: Keith does his own show as often as my parents say “I love you” to each other. But, Alan Counihan’s doing a fine job manning that ship, so support him and his charming smile! Also, check out The Case of the Bulletproof Waldo, Chikara’s pro-wres offering to Chicago featuring the good doctor on commentary!

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  1. Ken permalink

    Unauthorized use of the picture of that handsome man, and also Zach Ryder is now authorized.

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