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A Tribute to Creativity: The MVZone Relaunches

by on July 15, 2011

For almost the entire first year of the show, The MV Zone were more than gracious enough to host the podcast files for your downloading pleasure. Recently, they ran into some issues and had to switch servers, so we uploaded all of the podcasts elsewhere, but we’re still extremely thankful for their assistance during our formative year.

Due to the server issues, they decided to overhaul everything altogether and re-create the site from scratch. Throughout the past half-decade or so, The MV Zone has been home to some of the most creative work of any type that I’ve seen fans put out on the internet and has housed the best video editors this side of the imaginary internet Mason-Dixon Line. They do regular competitions, where their finest editors put their newest videos on display against other videos to a popular vote so they have plenty of new stuff for you to feast your eyes on (including a WONDERFUL teaser to a series of El Generico/Kevin Steen videos, entitled 500 Days of Steen, by long-time editor Rev (Revolution if you’re nasty)). Below the cut are some of the best videos the site has ever hosted. Some of them I’m sure you’ve seen before but maybe didn’t know they were MVZone videos, while others you might see for the first time and hopefully realize how great these editors are. Enjoy and visit the new site at!


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