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7/14 Match of the Day: Festus vs Vladimir Koslov

by on July 14, 2011

With CM Punk being in Match of the Day on Tuesday and Colt Cabana being featured yesterday, we might as well bring it back around with the other guy that Punk name-dropped in his lovely speech from Raw on Monday night. Today’s Match of the Day is from an August 2008 episode of Friday Night Smackdown as Vladimir Koslov faces Festus (also known as Luke Gallows).

This is a ridiculous heavyweight slugfest. For five minutes, you have two huge guys deciding to throw complete caution to the wind and dish out bomb after bomb after bomb. This is the closest that World Wrestling Entertainment got to the mid-2000’s “Necro Butcher versus indie superstar” series, as you had a wild brawler who kept throwing big punches against a mat wrestler who can throw shots, but just wanted to wrestle this wildman to the ground. The final minute or so is this tremendous stretch where you really get this sense of urgency that Koslov NEEDS to finish Festus off or else his undefeated streak would go kaboom and it really topped the proverbial cake off. Plus, you get to see Koslov toss around another 300-pound man with suplexes, which is always fun in the same way that Steiner Brothers squash matches were. A tremendously fun time had by all!

To see the match in its entirety, click under the cut!


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