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Episode 43: Impromptu Trios Tournaments and Other Such Tales: A Conversation with Cheech Hernandez

by on July 13, 2011

This week on the second most famous podcast called “Mike & Tom”, we’re joined by two lovely men to discuss matters of the mat wars! First, Ben Turpen of gives us his live perspective from the Richmond and Charlotte Ring of Honor shows as well as Impact Wrestling’s Destination X pay-per-view (which he attended IN THE IMPACT ZONE). Shelton Benjamin’s temper tantrums, the Bravado Bandwagon abandoning its leaders at the home base, Cole and O’Reilly tearing it up with the American Wolves, creatures of the Impact Zone and not being able to tell who are the heroes and villains of Impact Wrestling are some of the topics touched on during this segment! Check out Ben on the Free Admission podcast and website, as linked above!
Then, “The New Wave” Cheech Hernandez hangs ten and joins us to discuss how the rumors of Cloudy’s demise might be sadly exaggerated, wrestling for Brian Dixon’s All-Star Wrestling in England, the struggle between whether the “German Death Flu” or a hangover would be worse to admit to at wXw Germany, the heralded Up in Smoke/Turner and Franco feud. building the Vordell Walker myth, teaming with Sean Waltman, being part of an impromptu trios tournament at a county fair and more are discussed with Cheech in a very fun 45-minutes of humor, friendship, high fives and pro-wres! Check him out on Twitter at @NewWaveCheech or at his blog at
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