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El Pasco, Texas: The Mark Curtis Memorial Top 10 Fan vs Wrestler Moments

by on July 13, 2011


By Ben Pasco

It appears as though the latest topic of discussion on wrestling podcasts involves the greatness that occurs when a fan thinks he can take on a wrestler.  Recently, Kevin Steen discussed this on an episode of The Art of Wrestling with Colt Cabana while Brodie Lee mentioned his brawl with a fan on a recent episode of Mike and Tom Present.

Incidents of fans trying to take on wrestlers may be rarer nowadays, but it sure is filmed more.  Believe me people, I wish I had clips of Ken Patera throwing around fans like they’re McDonald’s employees, but I don’t. Every clip on this countdown is fairly recent and is based on a rigorous judging system. I judged these based on brutality, hilarity, and overall memorability (I don’t care if this isn’t a word; I’m making it one now). Unfortunately, Brodie Lee’s battle with a fan does not make this countdown due to the lack of footage of Brodie humiliating the man.  However, when Brodie inevitably rips someone’s head off their shoulders, I will add that at number four on the list. With or without Mr. Lee, let’s take a look at the Top 10 Moments of Fan vs. Wrestler Violence.

10. It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad New World Order: The NWO vs. Some Dude in a Hat at WCW Monday Nitro.

Coming in at number 10 is a fan daring to rush the ring at Randy Savage, Kevin Nash, and Scott Hall. Clearly this fan thought he was superior to WCW booking, because he should have realized the NWO never lost at this time.   He’s batted away like a fly by the NWO who still laid some good boots into him. Randy Savage may be the highlight of this when he realizes the fan has entered the ring, he runs over to try to get the last licks in and kick the fan out. However, this clip made number 10 because of the fan’s messed up priorities. As a 7 foot Kevin Nash levels him with punches, the fan chooses not to flee but rather reach down and grab his hat.  He’s lucky Nash didn’t bust out the Von Erich claw.

9. Analyze Chris: Chris Hero vs. Canadian fans in UWA Hardcore.

If you follow Chris Hero on Twitter, you’ll notice he’s a big fan of hip hop.  The man tweets consistently about rap shows he went do, or rap guys he likes, or rap lyrics, or gift w`rap, or etc.  That love of hip hop makes the constant labeling of this video as “racist wrestler” hilarious.  This video has been uploaded under at least thirty different names, and the comment section in every one ends up in Race War ’98 (for the PC).  At a Ring Of Honor show I was at, the kid in front of us proceeded to lecture myself and Robert Naylor about the racism of Chris Hero. (I ignored that kid all night, until he called Sara Del Ray fat and I fully cemented my status as being pro-choice). In the mid-2000’s, Hero seemed to live off moments of complete fan chaos.  It may have gotten him a reputation as being prejudiced, but heat is heat, man. Plus he got a guy to try a jumping karate kick over the guardrail. Chris is awesome.

8. The Odd Couple: DDP and Randy Anderson vs. a pair of drunks on WCW Monday Nitro.

Not since Turner and Hooch has a short-lived team captivated the world quite like Diamond Dallas Page and Randy “Pee Wee” Anderson. In fifty short seconds, DDP and RPW (Randy “Pee Wee”) showed the world that they could be a true team the likes of the Megapowers, Legion of Doom, or Boogie Knights. As two fans jump the guardrail, one is pulled under the rope and taken away by security. It turns out he was the lucky one, as the other fan proceeds to get an asswhipping courtesy of a man named “Pee Wee”.  Pee Wee pushes him over with what seems to be one hand and then leans in for the kill. Pee Wee proceeds to grab this guy in some eye gouge and yells something in his ear while destroying his vision. I hope he said, “ What’s the secret word, bitch?”.

7. All Quiet on The Western Front: Raven vs. random fan at WCW Thunder.

This is one of the strangest moments of fan vs. wrestler violence, and I considered not including it because it seemed too odd to be real. As Raven cuts a promo in a corner, a fan assaults him and pulls him out of the ring by his hair. However, unlike most wrestlers, Raven doesn’t immediately stomp the guy into goo but rather goes right back into his promo.  It is pretty impressive that Raven no-sells it like a dyslexic salesman, but also confused the hell of the audience. Unfortunately, the microphone was broke and Raven is forced to yell into the camera. The segment continues without a microphone while Raven no-sells the fact that we all heard him awkwardly scream as his hair was pulled. This isn’t the most violent, but its uniqueness earned it a spot on the list. Raven, you’re a drunk…I worship that guy now.

6. How the Grinch Stole Sabu’s Hat: Sabu vs. a fan in Japan.

Homicidal, genocidal, suicidal, and protective of his headgear…cidal.  A fan in Japan (you know the place that isn’t crazy) decided he wanted to take home Sabu’s headdress as a souvenir. He went about this task, but swiftly snatching it from atop Sabu’s dome. Instead of calmly and rationally addressing the fan with a PowerPoint argument of why he should return the item to him, Sabu took a different approach. Sabu just beat the shit out of the guy. Sabu walked over a series of chairs, without falling for once, and then punched the guy in the face and took back his gear.  Of course the Japanese fans loved it because that country is insane. I love Pokémon as much as the next guy, but something’s in the water over there (Godzilla).

5. Little Man: Mark Curtis vs. a fan on WCW Monday Nitro.

It’s bad enough to get beat up by a tiny referee, but it has to be even worse when Bobby Heenan spends  considerable time making fun of you for it. A fan was apparently not as keen on Dean Malenko as Mike and Tom as he decided to interject himself into a Dean Malenko match with Psychosis. The fan never gets his shot at the Iceman because the late Mark Curtis kneed him in the side of the head.  It doesn’t hit Randy Orton punt levels, but it’s still a kick to the temple. It gets even better with all 140 pounds of Mark Curtis locks in a guillotine on the fan and traps him until security takes him away. Bobby Heenan spends the rest of the clip laughing at what an idiot the guy wise and praising Mark Curtis.   Basically, Mark Curtis invented mixed martial arts.

4. The Man in the Lucha Mask: La Park vs. a fan attempting to steal his mask.

This has got to be on the greatest things to ever be on the internet.  This has been all over ESPN and the major social networking sites, but I still love it. At some show in Mexico, a fan decides he wants to take a sneak peak at the identity of L.A. Park. L.A. Park responds much like Sabu, except instead he just throws one bomb the dudes face.   The guy goes down harder then Missy Hyatt strapped to a bag of rocks (See what I did there; dramatic irony rules). What makes this even better is the guy slowly falls like a tree in the woods. There’s like five replays of the punch in slow motion at the end of the clip and every single one rules. AWWHOMBRE!

3. Falling Down: Eddy Guerrero vs. a fan during a ladder match.

This one was number one on my rough draft list before finding two other clips. However, this has to be the most memorable instance of fan interference in a match.  Fans often want a hand in deciding the finish of the matches and sometimes they get overzealous. As Eddy Guerrero climbs the ladder, some bald fun runs in and pushes Eddy off. Quite frankly, I’m surprised this hasn’t happened before or since and I’m equally as surprised that Eddy wasn’t seriously injured. How terrifying must this have been for anybody who’s been in a ladder match since this night? On the bright side, Eddie Guerrero still leveled the guy before the man got away. On the bad side, he didn’t get a chance to paralyze him.   The guy was a grade A crumbub. Why would anyone try to help Rob Van Dam win anyways?

2. Good Phil Hunting (Down Fans with Dildos): Phil Latio sexually abuses fans at some indy show.

I’m willing to beat most of you haven’t seen this clip and you’re in for a doozy. Near as I can figure, Phil Latio is a professional wrestler doing a gay gimmick somewhere in America (specific, I know). Also, he’s carrying a big old dildo (when pluralized, it becomes “dildi” or “dildren”). Anyways, some fan does not take too kindly to Phil’s charade and responds to it but throwing beer on him.  A lesser man would walk away, but not Mr. Latio (who goes from “homosexual” to” homicidal” in mere seconds). Phil gets into it with the guy and knocks him down while security tackles the fan. Some other guy decides gets involved and PHIL WHIPS HIS ASS WITH THE DILDO. He launches a two-pronged assault that would make Hitler roll in his grave. The poor fan receives alternating shots of fist to the face and dildo to the eye, as Phil goes crazy. Eventually, security separates the situation and everyone stands around confused.  This video ends the way every video should end, with  people awkwardly standing around while the Wrestlemania theme song plays.

1. Do the Right Thing: Jamie Dundee causes a race riot in Mississippi, 1992.

Were you expecting somebody else? Jamie Dundee is the greatest professional wrestler when it comes to verbal abuse and this time he took it to the extreme.  Jamie Dundee exploits Southerns’ fear of blacks, and ends up causing a huge riot somewhere in Mississippi. Highlights include: Jamie Dundee throwing a legitimate chair that causes no effect on a fan, some wrestler throwing a mean left hand to knock down a fake Hunter S. Thompson, and tons of women just screaming.  I love Jamie Dundee and the fact that he can have absurd racist tirades come out of his mouth in his personal life, while advocating voting for Jesse Jackson in the ring. If you #supportprowres then you #supportjamiedundee as far as I’m concerned.

Keep your stick on the ice,
-Ben Pasco


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