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by on July 10, 2011

By Thomas Green

Welcome to our Destination X live coverage! Under the cut, we’ll have live thoughts and results of tonight’s all X-Division pay-per-view from Impact Wrestling! Our line-up for tonight:

*A.J. Styles vs. Christopher Daniels
*Rob Van Dam vs. Jerry Lynn
*Abyss vs. Brian Kendrick for the X title
*Samoa Joe vs. Kazarian
*Robbie E vs. Shannon Moore vs. Alex Shelley vs. Amazing Red in an Ultimate X match to determine the next X title contender
*Jack Evans vs. Austin Aries vs. Low Ki vs. Zema Ion (Shiima Xion) with the winner getting a TNA contract
*Douglas Williams vs. ?

The opening video package had some CREEPY interaction between Abyss and a small child. Creepy.

A lot of brawling early on. I hope this is a sign of things to come, that every match won’t be spot-fu so the spotfest-type matches stand out. Kazarian ATE a lariat like a man from Joe (who has looked the most like old-school Joe that he’s looked in a LONG time). This is also the most the TNA/Impact Wrestling crowd has been into Joe in months, coincidentally. This crowd in general is turning a good match into a great one, as this absolutely feels like a fresh product, which this company desperately needs. Joe busts out a SICK tope suicida late in the bout! There was an argument with Joe and Earl Hebner after a rope break that led me to believe there’d be some unfortunate shenanigans, but it just ended up with Joe being distracted and Kazarian rolling him up for the win. Really good match, but the ending was sadly flat. They really could’ve revived Joe to an extent, but the finish wasn’t the trick.

Throughout the night, they’ll be airing highlight videos to recap the history of the AJ Styles/Christopher Daniels feud. They also showed Daniels showing up to the building. Nice way to give the match a bigger feel.

We go to an autograph signing with random masked wrestlers (including CURRY MAN and Sangrieto), as Eric Young runs up to ask them for a partner. Shark Boy comes back to agree to team with Eric in the most disappointing news I’ve heard today. Ugh.

They blatantly cut to rednecks chanting “Steroids!” at Rob Terry. Oh, TNA.  Haskins came out to silence, but I’ve heard good things. He looks like a Sterling James Keenan impersonator. Williams sends Magnus and Rob Terry to the locker room. I really wish dorks like Jeremy Borash, who obviously don’t watch mixed martial arts, stopped referring to any mat wrestler’s style as “ground and pound”. Haskins and Williams did some nifty World of Sport-style sequences, which looked fresh on this show since not a lot of guys in either major promotion have used it as much as it’s been used on the indies. Haskins took a RIDICULOUS bump on the apron from Williams that I’m really glad he didn’t knock himself out on, as it could’ve been easy for him to accidentally snap back his head on accident. This isn’t boom-boom-boom, but this would be the best match of the year for ninety percent of indie groups. This won’t be heralded as anything special, but everything (for the most part) makes sense and this is the best Williams has looked in a long time. Williams rolls up Haskins after Haskins missed a beautiful Paul London-style shooting star press. Good match. I don’t see what Haskins has that twenty unsigned guys in America don’t have, but he’s talented enough that I’m glad he’s employed somewhere. After the match, they shake hands.

Austin Aries is interviewed by SoCal Val. Aust Aries wishes choking onto anyone who’s illegally streaming this, then proclaims that he isn’t just some “vanilla midget” (which is becoming more of a cringeworthy phrase the longer it exists) and is the most multi-dimensional wrestler out there.

Eric Young wears a beard better than anyone else in modern professional wrestling, in my opinion.  Something involving a headscissors with Shark Boy got screwed up to a wicked degree on the floor. I looked away for a second to throw away a cup and Eric Young’s pants were off. Young and Sharky win a decent match. It wasn’t bad, but it was a house show-ish match.

They show a video of Daniels & Styles beating America’s Most Wanted for the tag belts. Daniels and Styles meet up while Daniels is going over his pre-tape schedule.

Zema Ion is interviewed by SoCal Val, It was alright, but you can tell Ion hasn’t done a ton of televion before.

Lots of stalling as the construction of the Ultimate X dealie-a-bob is going down. Robbie E. just sold a flying kick from Red like he got electrocuted; it was embarrassing. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Red took a sick jumping bump off of a Sole Food-type move from Robbie E.. Also, Shannon Moore tried the Finlay “trap the guy in the apron” spot and it was maybe the most awesome thing in this match so far. The cables holding up the X look SO loose. Shannon Moore is climbing up to the top of the scaffolding (which is probably four-to-six feet above the wires) and I REALLY hope he doesn’t die. He doesn’t, but Alex Shelley wins the Ultimate X match to get an X-Division title shot. If Kendrick wins tonight, Kendrick versus Shelley could be AWESOME. This was an alright match, but middle ground by usual Ultimate X standards. Chris Sabin comes out to congratulate his partner after the match.

They air another AJ/Daniels video package before we go to a Low Ki interview. Going by promos alone, Aries EASILY deserves the win over these other guys.

Someone burped in Jerry Lynn’s entrance song. It’s interesting that this match is going on early in the second hour. With the starpower involved, I’d almost be led to believe that both or either guy told someone that they don’t think they can go at the level expected (not that I talk to anyone). The hair dye isn’t confusing anyone; Jerry Lynn’s REALLY starting to look his age. I feel bad because these guys are trying, but this really feels like what would happen if Journey brought back Steve Perry after his throat issues. He’d try his hardest and it’d look like the real thing, but it wouldn’t be nearly what they used to be. There is SO much posing in this match. I would normally say they’re doing it to compensate, but there was a lot of posing in their old matches too. Van Dam landed on a horrible part of Lynn’s back on the spinkick off of the apron while Lynn was draped across the guardrail. Lynn evading a legtrip with a legdrop onto a steel chair was easily the smoothest thing they’ve done in a match that’s been a series of spots with nothing congruent to it (not a criticism; we should all know what we’re getting with RVD/Jerry Lynn matches). Van Dam is bleeding. Chris Nowinski would be VERY disappointed in Rob throwing the back of his head into a chair off of a second rope powerbomb. Van Dam wins with the Five Star Frog Splash. This was like the wrestling equivalent of that Motley Crue/Poison tour out right now.

Jack Evans is interviewed by SoCal Val. Whoever directed this segment tried to suck every ounce of charisma out of poor Jack.

There are pretty girls who aren’t complete morons; they could get one for very cheap instead of paying Christy Hemme whatever they pay her to jump the gun on EVERY SINGLE ENTRANCE. Instead of rooting for one person, the crowd is chanting “EVERYBODY!”. It’s a shame that Low Ki’s Pro Wrestling Guerrilla run so far, especially his match with Akira Tozawa, have supposedly not set the world on fire because Low Ki on the bigger television shows really seems like something special. I guess it’s the context of his style in a completely foreign world. Amusing spot where Low Ki and Aries get into an argument, then put Evans and Ion into holds and continue to argue. INCREDIBLE spot where Evans flew almost out of nowhere to break up a pin; it doesn’t sound like much, but it looked great on television. Aries went for the Heat-Seeking Missile tope through the middle and bottom ropes, but got BLASTED by a Low Ki kick on the apron. I’m so sad that Jack Evans isn’t the guy in this match that took the John Woo dropkick in the corner from Low Ki, but he made up for it with a springboard Arachnid Kick (one and a half rotation spinning wheel kick). The crowd is chanting “SIGN THEM ALL!”. Aries wins the match after a brainbuster on Low Ki. It was an insanely hot finishing sequence to a really great match. It was on the level of the top-end stuff from the middle of the decade in the X Division. If you aren’t watching this show live, this is worth going out of your way to see.

After the match, SoCal Val interviewed Aries at ringside, who pretty much just hit his catchphrase and walked off.

7) X-Division Title: BRIAN KENDRICK d. ABYSS to win the title.
According to the pre-match video package, Abyss will “eat your face” to get what he wants and he finds teeth to be delicious. Whoever the timekeeper/bell ringer is, they apparently think the X-Division is dying since they’re ringing the bell for this match like a ten-bell salute. This is somewhat sad, as you can hear individual hecklers yell at Abyss like a 2005 Chikara show. Kendrick is technically working a good match and is a fine underdog, but Abyss is such a worn-out and boring heel (plus they had to follow that four-way). Abyss somehow found a way to bleed in the buffer match between the two top matches on an X-Division pay-per-view. Kendrick REALLY wants this match to be good; he’s throwing caution to the wind and has great fire fighting back. The crowd has gotten into this match. There was a referee bump followed by a visual fall with Kendrick hitting Sliced Bread #2, followed by Eric Bischoff running out to demand Kendrick leave the ring. Immortal ran into the ring after Bischoff took a GREAT bump for a punch from Kendrick. The X-Division B-Team ran out to stop Immortal, but Immortal sent them packing 3-on-a bunch. More X-Division guys ran out and they’re getting the advantage. This is SO ass-backwards. Kendrick reversed a chokeslam with a rolling pin to get the win. The finish got a pop, but the X-Division looked like weak children jumping three heels 15-on-3. Kendrick got confetti for his victory. He deserves it; he pretty much wrestled a 340-pound broom and got as good of a match as he could’ve gotten out of the situation. Abyss shoved Bully Ray down during the X-Division celebration.

-The white country dude that does TNA entrance songs should REALLY stop rapping. Immediately. Chris Daniels looks like SUCH a geek coming out to that song. The crowd just screamed in unison, “WRESTLING YAY! HULK HOGAN BOO!”. Creativity. They’re starting off slow, which makes sense since they still have twenty-plus minutes left on the show. AJ Styles busted out the kip-up rana, which is a move I’m sad he doesn’t use more. Chris Daniels is obviously taking this match deadly serious, as he just busted out both the tope suicida and an Undertaker-style no-hands tope over the top rope. AJ’s pescado-style Shadows Over Hell was great, while Daniels deciding to apply the Crossface like the STFU was not. This crowd is terminally ill and dying as the match goes on, which sucks since this doesn’t suck. AJ pins Daniels with the Spiral Tap, which Jeremy Borash points out was the move he won his first X-Division Title with. Good match, but not great. Daniels teases not shaking AJ’s hand after the match, but does so.

Overall, it’s the best TNA pay-per-view I’ve seen in a LONG time. That being said, I came in with too high of hopes and it let me down at times, but AJ and Daniels had a better main event than a lot of pay-per-views do, the four-way match was the best TNA match this year and nothing was outright bad (which is RARE in any wrestling pay-per-view event in 2011). If you have three hours this week to watch wrestling, I’d recommend this, but it’s not an “Oh my goodness!” must-see deal like I expected.


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