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Daniel Galvan’s MMA Jungle – Episode 1

by on July 7, 2011

THE MMA JUNGLE – Episode 1: Download

Daniel Galvan, author of many fantastic mixed martial arts articles that we’ve posted on the site, joins the Mike & Tom Present… Podcast Network this week with his MMA podcast, The MMA Jungle. Daniel takes a look at the tremendous UFC 132 pay-per-view event from this past weekend now that he’s had a chance to sit back and reflect on the events of the evening. Some of the topics he discussed are the first-even bantamweight main event in UFC pay-per-view history, looking forward to a possible Faber/Cruz rematch, ideas for Joe Silva when booking fights for bantamweight contendership, Tito Ortiz’s triumphant victory, whether he sees Wanderlei Silva retiring after the Chris Leben fight and who Silva could potentially fight if he doesn’t hang up the gloves, Carlos Condit’s flying knee and how it will make your friends go crazy, testing your karma by closing your eyes, Brad Martinez’s story, Andrei Arlovski main-eventing MMA shows in 2011 and more!

Approximate time: 32 Minutes.

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