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Episode 42 – Manute Bol on Ice! (Feat. Brodie Lee)

by on July 5, 2011

Episode 42 – “Manute Bol on Ice!: – DOWNLOAD

We celebrate ONE YEAR of podcasts this week as Brodie Lee of Chikara and Dragon Gate (among other promotions) joined us for a lovely conversation! He gives us the update on his knee injury and when he expects to be back in the ring full-time before we discuss subjects like his upcoming tag team match with Kevin Nash for Pro Wrestling Ohio, irritating hecklers and dorks who throw chairs at wrestlers, being a tall, tall man in Japan, the mountain that is Akebono, hockey and how it can divide teams as tightly-knit as 2.0, the rarity of finding other giant men on the indies, and much more! A really fun-to-record show, so we hope you all enjoy listening!

To follow Brodie on Twitter, hit him up @BrodieLee93 (1,000 followers following this interview is our personal goal to help him with, so step to it! To order the upcoming Pro Wrestling Ohio Wrestlelution 4  iPPV on August 7, go to this link now!


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