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6/29 Match of the Day: M-Dogg20 vs AJ Styles vs Super Dragon vs Matt Stryker

by on June 29, 2011

Today’s Match of the Day comes from Night Two of the 2002 IWA Mid-South Ted Petty Invitational in non-tournament action, as Super Dragon, Matt Stryker (Ohio wrestler, not the guy that has weiner pictures on the internet), M-Dogg20 (now known as former WWE Tough Enough contestant Matt Cross) and AJ Styles face off in a four-way match.

Man alive, this was a nutty match in 2002.  It’s rare to find an independent match that has the first anything, even back then. But, this match is historic in that way, as I believe M-Dogg busted out the first-ever Sasuke Special into a hurricanrana and young Rob Naylor’s mind exploded into his brain. I loved how they didn’t just do the usual four-way deal where two guys go in to do some moves, tag out so the other two can do some moves and then it evolves into a quasi-tag team match. It started with brawling around the ringside area with spots inside of the ring sprinkled in, then evolved into a semi-handicap match where everyone worked over AJ Styles’ knee before it broke down into chaos. It was 2002, so there were going to be rough spots, but overall it’s a killer match. Plus, it’s such an eclectic mix of talent (especially for 2002, when wrestlers from across the country wouldn’t intertwine nearly as much as they do now) that it’s worth watching just for the oddness of these four guys wrestling each other in a warehouse in southern Indiana.

(Note: support our friends at Smart Mark Video, who technically own the rights to this match, by buying DVD’s from them so I don’t feel so guilty sharing this match with you all.)

To view this match in its entirety, please click under the cut!


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