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6/28 Match of the Day: Randy Orton vs Super Crazy

by on June 28, 2011

Today’s Match of the Day comes from the March 3, 2006 edition of WWE Smackdown, as Randy Orton faced Super Crazy.

Yes, this match really happened and it was really awesome. It was the exact story you’d think they’d tell (Orton was the overwhelming super-wrestler who had to get more and more manic while the underdog, undersized Crazy fought from underneath and got more and more offense in, making you believe we would see an upset), but it was so wonderfully done. Orton’s offense was SO aggressive that it really makes anything he’s doing in 2011 disappointing. Heck, his chinlock (which he got a bad rap for overusing and being lazy with) looked SO great because he would crank on it and look like he was squeezing poor Crazy’s head off (of course, credit to Crazy for holding his breath and turning his face red). Randy also didn’t have to bump or sell for Crazy nearly as much or as well as he did, but he did it and it was lovely. They also weren’t uncreative and cookie-cutter with the match (see the tornado DDT that Orton tried to reverse, but Crazy reversed it into a front facelock stun gun-style move). This is the perfect example of a match I love posting in this feature: a complete hidden gem that no one remembers or even conceives could happen, but is a really great match that you can watch on your spare time from work/school/life.

To watch the match in its entirety, click underneath the cut!



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