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2011 NHL DRAFT Live Blog~!

by on June 24, 2011

Note from Mike–  I am really doing this for my own amusement and to keep on record. For years I read Bill Simmons’ live blog on the NBA Draft and wanted to try my own. I am in no way expecting this to get more than 15 views since this event is really for the hardest of the hardcores and this blog is mainly for fans of pro wrestling and MMA, but I really hope those who do read, enjoy, have a laugh or two, and learn a bit. Should be an interesting couple hours. Join me under the cut for review.

7:00: The top three prospects all arrive, all unrecognizable by 99% of the people watching this. Top heavy draft this year. Nice intro package opens the show.

7:03: James Duthie welcomes us. As usual, we get the TSN feed from Canada. It’s funny how much more I know about Canadian sport broadcasters than most of the talking heads on ESPN.

7:05: Darren Dreger announces that trade talk has heated up and we may see Robyn Regher and Ryan Smyth both traded. Both are not here with Smyth on a vacation and Regher presumably beating up someone making fun of his first name.

7:08: Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, THE NUGE, is interviewed. He is projected to go #1.

7:13: Tom Richards must be very excited that the Canadian Football League is back for another season. I have a friend who legitimately dislikes the Saskatoon team because he’s a big Ric Flair fan and that’s where he lost the title, thus he hates the city itself. True story.

7:16: They’re having a tribute for E.J. McGuire and the fans still boo Commissioner Gary Bettman when he’s introduced alongside McGuire’s two little girls and wife. This man is a heel. And certain hockey fans are assholes.

7:20: Taylor Hall, last year’s #1 overall pick by the Oilers, joins them on stage as they select Ryan Nugent-Hopkins #1. Elite vision said three times in twenty seconds. He is comparable to Pavel Datsyuk. He’s a well grounded kid who acts like he’s 35 because his parents divorced young and his dad is really sick. That’s the gist of what Bob McKenzie was saying anyway.

7:25 Nugent is interviewed as they announced a trade bringing Ryan Smyth to Edmonton. Except for the fact that the GM is also being interviewed and completely denies this report as they awkwardly move on.

7:30: Colorado picks Gabriel Landeskog, a name it looks like we’ll have to get used to for a while. Looks to be NHL ready and patterns his game like Mike Richards.

7:38: The Florida Panthers, the top jobber team in the NHL, select Jonathan Huberdeau at #3. He’s a big time playmaker, something the Panthers need. But then again, they need a lot of everything.

7:44: Huberdeau is interviewed and he talks like a French-Canadian going through puberty. It’s funny. Florida fans, all eight of them, should be pretty excited about this pick based on what the hockey expertz are saying.

7:47: New Jersey Devils, who sucked in the first half and dominated in the second are picking #4. They select Adam Larsson, which is a steal since some had him pegged as #1. Great Devils pick to add to add to a history of great defensemen.

7:54: Garth Snow, former Flyers goalie and current GM of the Islanders lets Kyle Okposo, former U of Minnesota player announce the pick. They draft Ryan Strome who is comparable to Martin S. Louis – not in height though. Graphic says SEE YOUTUBE. Apparently he’s a hot goal scorer.

7:57: Strome has an interview with Duthie and just seems so excited. It’s a real cool thing to see. @Strome18 on Twitter.

7:58: Ottawa wastes no time going right up there and drafting Mika Zibanejad. This means the Winnipeg Jets are on the clock! Mika is a grinding center comparable to Bobby Holik.

8:01: Bettman announces Winnipeg as the place goes nuts. Only time he got cheered all night.

8:09: It’s official, the Winnipeg Jets.

8:10: The GM says thanks to Minneapolis, despite the draft being in St. Paul. They pick Mark Scheifele, a center from the OHL.

8:12: A Lets Go Flyers chant breaks out as they have the next pick.

8:20: Sean Couturier is your newest Philadelphia Flyer. He’s another French Canadian that will fit in with the others in the locker room and is a huge offensive and defensive guy, so I’m stoked.

8:23: Interview with GM Paul Holmgren and not Couturier, which means he probably speaks terrible English.

8:26: Bruins pick 9th. They have it good. They pick Dougie Hamilton, a 6 foot 4 defenseman who towers over everyone on stage. Him and Zdeno Chara paired together is crazy to think about.

8:28: Next big pop of the night goes to the Minnesota Wild, right in their home arena. Their fans are too excited to remember how terrible they are at drafting, it appears.

8:34: The Wild draft defeneman Jonas Brodin, a Sweedish man now a citizen in “the state of hockey”. Solid pick for a team who needed offense, but he seems like a good prospect.

8:38: There are a lot of Sweeds being chosen or projected to be. Also a lof of kids named Ryan too.

8:39: Colorado Avalanche, with their second first round pick, pick defenseman Duncan Siemens. Not a lot to add, so I’m going to go hop on You Tube and listen to that one Duncan Sheik song.

8:45: Carolina Hurricanes select Ryan Murphy at 12, a real hyped defenseman from the OHL. Dynamic offense says everyone. Also, the third Ryan drafted.

8:50: Calgary Flames pick Sven Bartschi at 13. I think I spelled his name correct. The Flames are really lacking in having any top offensive talent despite their top line, so it’s a good gamble that may pay off dividends for them in a couple years. Flames haven’t drafted well, despite a lot of lottery picks.

8:55: It’s almost 9 and we’re on pick 14. Let’s keep it moving.

9:00: Dallas Stars with the pick. Dallas Stars used to be Minnesota North Stars. An awkward silence as they walk to the stage turning to boo’s.

9:01: They select Jamie Oleksiak. Big kid, big tie, big pimple on his forehead. Athletic, tall defenseman for Dallas.

9:06: In another emotional moment, they honor Derek Boogard a player with the Wild and played last season with the Rangers. His brother Aaron in honor of his brother gets to make the draft pick for the Rangers.

9:08: With the 15th pick, the Rangers select left winger JT Miller. He’s from the USNTDP, not to be confused with USMBTRT.

9:14: The Buffalo Sabres, let new owner Terry Pegula make the pick. At the 16th pick they get Joel Armia, a Finn right winger who is the first European drafted in five years by the Sabres. Pegula had enough of that racist bullshit.

9:21: They announce a good trade for the Washington Capitals, acquiring Troy Brower, a Cup winning winger from the Blackhawks. In return, the Hawks get the Caps first round pick.

9:23: The Montreal Canadiens are next as their GM speaks in French.The crowd in response boo’s loudly and chants U-S-A.

They pick Nathan Beaulieu, a defenseman they needed. They lack depth and this can really help them out. Him and Subban can be deadly it seems.

9:29: It appears things are about to get interesting.

9:31: Beaulieu being interviewed really comes off as a good kid. If he wasn’t playing for Montreal, I’d follow his career more.

9:33: The hometown Minnesota Wild trade Brent Burns (big pop) and it’s 2nd round pick in 2012 for Devin Setoguchi (big pop), Charlie Coyle(zero pop and the first time anyone has heard this man’s name), and SJ’s 1st rounder. Coyle was a first round pick last season.

9:35: Blackhawks are up next at the 18th pick and they grab Mark McNeill, a center for Price Albert in the OHL. He’s your classic first round pick who got cut from the under 18 team and came back the next season and proved them wrong. This can be a real good pick looking back.

9:40: The Oilers pick again and they need a defenseman. Remember when I said this was a top heavy draft? The top has fallen and basically anyone picked from here to 50 can be picked.

9:41: Oilers select at 19, a defenseman they needed. They get Oscar Klefbom. Our boy Oscar here looks like he’s 10 years old. He was born in 1993.

9:44: Duthie tries to close out another interview asking Tambellini about the Smyth trade, to which one again he is denied.

9:49: Phoenix selects at 20, Connor Murphy, a defenseman from the US development team.

9:53: In the LOL moment of the night for me, Ottawa’s guy was so quick in saying the guy’s name and getting out of there that he was halfway gone when he said the kid’s first name. They pick Stegan Noeson at 21st overall, who is a projected guy for 3-4 years to be good. Not what Ottawa needs.

9:56: Noeson is from Texas so it is really weird to hear a hockey player with a Texas accent.

9:58: Trade alert – Anaheim trades the 22nd pick to Toronto for the 30th and 39th picks. There must be someone Toronto wants since they have the 25th pick too, me thinks.

10:03: Toronto at the 22nd pick select Tyler Biggs, an American winger. He’s coparable to his new teammate Colby Armstrong, says TSN. Armstrong was drafted 10 years ago today.

10:09: If you are here from Tom’s Chikara results, you’re better off reading the actual pro wrestling content instead of this.

10:13: Pittsburgh selects Joe Morrow at 23. Fuck Pittsburgh.

10:16: Shout out to Wilkes-Barre by one of the announcers.

10:18: The interview 5 foot 5 Rocco Grimaldi. Seems like a nice kid. He’s real relious but has assured the GMs that he doesn’t judge teammates if they drink, he specifically says. He’s called short a bunch of times by the announcer, so good thing he’s a nice guy.

10:19: The guy from Ottawa remembers to wait for the microphone to come on before announcing the pick this time. They select at 24, Matt Puempel.

10:27: Stuart Percy is picked at 25.

10:31: Toronto GM Brian Burke says Percy has a real nice smile. Aww, how cute.

10:36: Chicago picks Phillip Danault at 26.

10:42: Tampa Bay is next and selects Vladislav Namestnikov at 27. He is comparable to Doug Weight. His name is incomparable to Doug Weight.

10:49: Wild in the Setoguchi trade 28th pick select center Zack Phillips. Great pick.

10:53: Domino’s is using the Noid in their commercials again!

10:57: Nicklas Jensen knocks down the camera man.

11:05: Anaheim picks Rikard Rakell with the last pick in the first round at 30 overall.


11:07: Mike falls asleep. Thanks for reading mom!


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