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6/22 Match of the Day: Jon Moxley vs Drake Younger (Dog Collar)

by on June 22, 2011

Today’s Match of the Day comes from the January 3, 2009 Insanity Pro Wrestling “Animosity” event, as Jon Moxley (now known as Dean Ambrose in Florida Championship Wrestling) faces Drake Younger for the IPW Heavyweight Title in a dog collar match.

During his time on the independents, Jon Moxley got credit for lots of things (and all deservedly), but one thing he didn’t get credit for is becoming awesome at working dog collar matches.  In this day and age, not a lot of guys bother to try to give themselves any sort of aura or anything to make them the closest thing to a draw that you can get on the independent circuit in 2011. Moxley was the exception. Not only did he get himself some infamy with his character, but for a short while (whether on accident or not), he did a great job of building himself as the king of the dog collar match. He had a really strong one with King Vu for the Heartland Wrestling Association, he had one of the best matches of Thumbtack Jack’s career at CZW in one, him and Jimmy Jacobs had one of my favorite matches of 2011 so far at IPW in one and there’s this match.

My favorite thing about this match is Moxley’s selling. His facials alone do a better job of selling how dangerous the chain is than some companies’ entire promotional departments have done for various stipulation matches.  I also really dug how they got over how the chain really defeated any chance of either guy building distance from the other, such as the moment where Moxley grabbed the chain and pulled Younger through a chair contraption (one of the few times that Drake’s insane flip bump through the chair hasn’t looked completely contrived). Really good match.

To see the match in its entirety, click under the cut!


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