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Episode 40: Those Virgin-Eyed Wunderkind!

by on June 21, 2011

Episode 40 – DOWNLOAD!

We return this week with a couple of the podcast’s best friends talking this weekend’s highest profile events! First, Tom Richards joins us to discuss Combat Zone Wrestling’s Tournament of Death featuring Jaki Numazawa and Masashi Takeda of Big Japan! Tom Richards gives Mike the low-down on what to expect from his first live Tournament of Death, including possible rainshowers, a history lesson, a rundown of the card and more! Tom also gets to gloat about his Dallas Mavericks winning the NBA Championship and Mike spreads his theories on women’s wrestling! Be sure to check out Tom’s new podcast when it premieres in a week or two.

Then, Leonard F. Chikarason joined us to discuss Chikara’s Midwest swing this weekend, including Chicago (which Tom will be attending in person), Taylor, Ohio and Cleveland! We run down the Chicago card in-depth, plus look at Saturday and Sunday! Also, we discuss the big DC Comics scandal, 90’s karate-based kids’ shows, action figure federations, attending WWF TV tapings in 1994, Brodie Lee’s dream being swiped away via injury and more!

(Note: there’s no significance behind the show title. I (Tom) used the phrase in a tweet today and thought it was clever.)

Approximate time: 89 minutes.
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