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DYNAMIC DEBUT MONDAY – 6/20 Match of the Day: Scott Norton vs T.C. McCoy

by on June 20, 2011

Today’s Dynamic Debut Match of the Day comes from the May 3rd, 1993 edition of WCW Worldwide. Big Scott Norton had powered his way through the world of arm wrestling. He’d decimated the AWA. He’d demolished New Japan. Only one challenge stood in his way: T.C. McCoy.

But for real, Norton was brought into WCW to be a monster foe for Sting to conquer and more than likely got his job due to the Eric Bischoff connection (they had both gotten their starts under Verne Gagne’s watch in the AWA). Norton’s first television opponent was T.C. McCoy, who was something. Wherever he came from, they apparently told him to take clotheslines with his nose and that the way you bump is by twisting your body around and landing on your shoulder. Norton destroyed this fellow in impressive fashion, not even budging an inch (he didn’t even bother leaving his feet for the pinfall).

Unfortunately, Norton would end up having payroll issues with WCW and left before his pay-per-view debut, leaving Nailz and a slew of legal issues to follow in as the replacement. But for now, enjoy Scott Norton hurting someone a lot!

To see this match in its entirety, click under the cut!



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