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Ridiculous Search Engine Terms That Apparently Lead To This Website…

by on June 16, 2011

(Note: this was absolutely Mike’s idea, but he hasn’t gotten a chance to do it.)

So, we’ve grown a LOT in the past couple of months. We’ve gained fans and friends from across the globe and we appreciate you all. Some found us through message boards, some found us through other podcasts and a lot of people seemingly have found us through search engines like Google. Thanks to WordPress, we get to see what terms people type in when they search and find our website. Some of them are what you’d expect (lots of “mike and tom present” and various forms of people looking for results of shows), but others are straight-up freaky.

Below the cut lies a list of some of the most ridiculous things we’ve spotted when getting these search engine term results. We hope you enjoy them even half as much as we have.

(Note: there’s some bad language, so you’ve been warned.)

elbow sack
post wrestling match hogtie	
pictures of mike the wcw referees	
daizee haze lump on head	
jungle jim's kids zone	
wcw job by bud	
wcw hot matches showing butt	
rick rude tights		
tom jones ufc	
movies of guys wrestling guys in tights
wcw "whoop there it is"
did ravishing rick rude have a bow tie
cartoon of dad and son getting dressed
wrestling face to crotch	
irish rush plants
triple h before steroids	
"pound little person"	
willard scott 2011	
japanese pro wrestling crotch	
a real dragon alive in 2011	
film random wrestlers	
michael brothers of rahway nj	
what happened to the wrestler billy kidman
jim kettner gay
pinkie gets fuck in the ass



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