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The Eight Most Random Additions to the Smackdown vs Raw Franchise

by on June 15, 2011

by Alex Fitzgerald

Well, this is a first for me. Making something about a game, and not making something in a game. Hopefully, this doesn’t suck too bad and I can write another article for this fine website. Anyways, enough of my sappy intro and on to the list.

Honorable Mentions: Red and Green (SvR10), Dude Love (SvR07), Garrison Cade (SvR), and The Big Valbowski (SD:SYM).

8. Tony (Smackdown vs Raw 2009)

Smackdown vs Raw 2009 was the first game in the series to have the Road to Wrestemania mode. Instead of having a singular story mode that plays out the same for all of the in-game characters, THQ choose five wrestlers and gave them five different storylines. In Undertaker’s, he fights The Boogeyman in Hell in a Cell after Boogey steals Kane’s soul and turns Santino and Finlay into zombies. In John Cena’s story, he befriends a Naval Army Air Guard guy named Tony the year prior at Tribute to the Troops and defends his honor. After finishing the storyline that sees Cena take out MVP after he started his own country called Better-Than-Utopia with William Regal and Umaga as parts of his cabinet, Tony is made a playable character. Yeah, I didn’t use him either.

7. Druid (Smackdown vs Raw 2011)

The same thing with Tony also happened with this year’s RTWM storyline where a selected person can end Undertaker’s streak. The choices include John Morrison, Dolph Ziggler, Kofi Kingston, R-Truth or a created superstar. After naming your CAW “Bad Knees”, you to can try to take down Booger Red at Mania. But before you do, Taker will play some mind games with you; or if you choose to play as Kofi, be on a PCP laident trip where you are in a battle royal with ten druids. After you kill Paul Bearer and defeat Taker at WrestleTwah, you then unlock a Druid. The only purpose I have found with him so far is making him white in Superstar Threads, then having matches where Mark Henry beats the ever loving shit out of a Klansman.

6. The Legends DLC Pack (Smackdown vs Raw 2009)

Not only was SvR09 the first game to have the Road to Wrestlemania mode, it was also the first game with downloadable content. 2009 was also the year that Legends of Wrestlemania was shit out, so the game featured zero legends. To counter this, THQ released a pack to fill the void that included the likes of Vader, Earthquake, Doink, and The Bushwhackers. Although it’s random, it’s the only entry on the list that I would call a good random. I would be lying if I said Vader didn’t hold all three world titles in my game at some point.

5. Diva Search Whores (Smackdown vs Raw 2006)

What Smackdown game doesn’t have random bimbos in it? THQ took it to the limit though, with the additions of Michelle McCool and Joy Giovanni. At that point in time, McCool was the fitness trainer of RVD or something, and Giovanni was being harassed by Luther Reigns about the horrors of Thanksgiving. Neither of them have had matches on TV yet, so why put them in the game? The reasoning for this was the addition of a really creepy “Fulfill Your Fantasy” mode where all of the divas hop around on a bed set up in the middle of the ring where pillows are used as weapons. They also gave each diva three attires that were pretty much slutty Halloween costumes. That wasn’t even the creepiest thing about this game. That goes to the season mode where Eddie Guerrero takes control of Undertaker. That storyline ends when Taker buries Eddie alive. The reason for the creepiness was the game being released on November 14th; the day after Eddie died. At least the casket and fulfill your fantasy matches weren’t mixed, since WWE already did that with the Katie Vick saga.

4. Jerry Lynn (Smackdown: Just Bring It)

Yes, Rob Naylor’s favorite wrestler made it into a WWF game. Somehow the sample-sized cup of coffee Mr. JL had in the fed garnered him a spot on the roster. Much like talking about the real life Jerry Lynn, I don’t have much on this except it was a waste on disk space and sucked. Still, he wasn’t the biggest waste of memory in Just Bring It. I’ll get back to that later.

3. Kelly Kelly (Smackdown vs Raw 2008)

Now, you’re probably wondering why is Kelly on this list. Well, it’s not about why she was included, but it was about who wasn’t included. 2008’s game was notorious for leaving out a large amount of the roster. Some of those people included Rob Van Dam, London and Kendrick, Shelton Benjamin, Cody Rhodes, Kevin Thorn, Matt Striker, Deuce and Domino, Dave Taylor and Victoria. So they of course went with the stripper that didn’t know how to take a bra off and at that point in time had only two matches tops. Hell, they didn’t even have the guy she was managing, Mike Knox, in the game. At least him and his glorious beard had time to shine later on in the series.

2. Rob Van Dam (Smackdown vs Raw 2011)

RVD being in a Smackdown game is nothing new. When he’s in a Smackdown game while TNA champion on the other hand is a different matter. Apparently, he did voice-over work with THQ, and when they saw him get awkwardly beaten up by Sting for seventeen minutes on Impact, they decided there was nothing to worry about and kept him in. Good thing to, since I needed a punching bag whenever I played as Vance Archer.

1. Fred Durst (Smackdown: Just Bring It)

If you ever play a Smackdown game and the wrestler you chose comes out to a midi version of their music, Fred Durst is the reason for this. Back in 2001, they wanted the rights to Undertaker’s Rollin’ theme, so they approached Durst for the rights. Durst’s demands weren’t money related, he wanted to be in the game. Yes, he was that big of a mark that he just wanted to be in the game. So, after being forced to make a character model for a man that made Uncle Cracker look decent by comparison, they decided to not even ask bands at all for music rights and just threw in crappy remakes. As if we needed another reason to hate Limp Bizkit.


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