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This Week Is Rated PG-13 – 6/14 Match of the Day: PG-13 vs Rock ‘n Roll Express

by on June 14, 2011

We continue our ode to JC Ice and Wolfie D. today, as our Match of the Day comes from the storied interpromotional war between Smoky Mountain Wrestling and the United States Wrestling Association. PG-13, who were vile villains in the USWA, all of a sudden became loved heroes. They didn’t change their ways, they didn’t become buddies with any heroes. They were simply part of the hometown team during an invasion from Smoky Mountain Wrestling.

The strangeness of the situation continues, as part of the hated invading team were Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson, collectively known as the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express. The R’n’R Express, as many know, are maybe the most beloved babyface tag team of all-time. Morton, in particular, is an all-time icon in the sport for being a king at garnering sympathy from the fans. Yet, in this situation, they were the hated.

The dynamic is weird, no doubt. It is completely bizarre to see Ricky Morton, the king of reaching out to little girls in the crowd and making them cry as he screams in pain, posing and dancing around while stomping a mudhole into a bloody JC Ice as JC crawls around, looking for any sort of hope. But, they made it work. PG-13 didn’t change a thing. They carried themselves like wannabe thugs and they wrestled in the exact same brawling-based fashion that made them so despised by the Memphis fans. All they had to do was be Memphis-born and Memphis-bred and these fans believed in them (though it didn’t hurt that Ice is the rowdiest babyface cheer-getter this side of the Ultimate Warrior).

Also, if you’re a fan of good punching in wrestling, this is the match for you. Some of the most gorgeously crisp punches you’ll see in a wrestling ring are performed in this bout. They’ll make you smile.

To see the match in its entirety, click under the cut!


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