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This Week is Rated PG-13 – 6/13 DEBUT MONDAY Match of the Day: PG-13 vs Sonny Rogers & Al Brown

by on June 13, 2011

Wolfie D. and JC Ice, also known as PG-13, are a team that, due to very short runs in the national promotions of their peak years in wrestling and other factors (such as Jamie Dundee/JC Ice’s extracurricular activities), sadly don’t get the credit they probably deserve as a great tag team. They didn’t have the Midnight Express’ long run in sold-out arenas, they didn’t have the Road Warriors’ physiques and they didn’t have a multi-million dollar promotional machine behind them, but they were as talented of a tag team as you could get. This week, we pay tribute to the talents of these two men every day in our Match of the Day feature (note: Malenko Friday is taking a week hiatus due to “This Week is Rated PG-13”).

Today’s DYNAMIC DEBUT MONDAY Match of the Day is PG-13’s WWF debut from the October 2nd, 1995 edition of Monday Night Raw, as they lucked out during the WWF’s working relationship with the United States Wrestling Association out of Memphis (where they were one of the top acts) and were brought up to WWF TV to work a short feud with the Smoking Gunns. They were absolutely not owners of the physiques that Vince McMahon deemed superstar-worthy, but between the 1994 steroid scandal and WCW paying top dollar for all of the muscled-up stars of yesterday, the WWF had to go to a smaller model of wrestler to carry the company.

Their gimmick (the wannabe white kids from Tennessee who thought they were “‘hood”) was also arguably way more with the times than most of the WWF’s creations at the time (they tried a grunge gimmick in 1996 and got so confused with it that they dropped it and made Louie Spicolli a generic fat guy within eight weeks of debuting him).

One thing that PG-13 doesn’t get enough credit for is how great most of their double-team offense looked. The Russian legsweep/dropkick combo they used on Sonny Rogers looked BRUTAL and their signature tilt-a-whirl slam was fantastic for 1995. Plus, we get a big double-stomp from JC and a sub-backdrop driver from Wolfie. PG-13 have a well-deserved reputation for being a good stooging tag team (though I’d bump them up to “great” personally, but that’s for other days this week), however this match hopefully proves that they had one of the most dynamic offensive arsenals of all of the major ’90’s tag teams.

To see this match in its entirety, click under the cut!


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