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TNA Slammiversary IX Live Results & Review

by on June 12, 2011

It’s Slammiversary IX, even though it’s the seventh Slammiversary event, but titled as nine, due to the nine years of TNA. Now that the show title is explained, click the link below for Mike’s live results for what looks to be a decent professional wrestling event mixed with some good to great looking matches and Mike’s switching to the Mavericks/Heat game matches.

I’m not much of a basketball fan, but check out the ABC intro they’ve been airing for The Finals. It’s this real cool intro incorporating all these different players and people in the history of the league. I’d love to see a wrestling one.

Taz and Tenay preview the show.

I should also preface by saying that I do not watch impact wrestling regularly.

1.) Tag Champ James Storm & Alex Shelley vs. Douglas Williams & Magnus

Apron and set all say Impact Wrestling, but the big sign on the top and at the entrance do say TNA Slammiversary, so they still haven’t completely abandoned the TNA name. Robert Roode on commentary.

Storm hit this HUUUUGE blackbody drop on Williams, hit a move on Magnus for a close near fall. Shelley does the suicide dive between Storm’s legs. They hit the beer money suplex as Roode does the Money from the stage. Cool spot. They hit a lot of spots for near falls for two ending with Shelley’s double knees for a VERY close two.

Storm hits Shelley and then super kicks Storm because he’s blinded by the misfire. Williams hits a gorgeous forearm off the top for two but Storm kicked out. Storm comes back on BI tossing one of them to the outside. Shelley comes backs and hits a sliced bread #2 for the win. Went about 14 minutes or so and I really enjoyed it. Good, enjoyable opener that I didn’t want to spoil everything so if you are contemplating checking out this show, this is a reason to do so. It was kinda hurt by usual booking but overall solid.

Jeff Jarrett sans Karen has arrived.

Scott Steiner promo. Always great.

2.) Scott Steiner vs. Matt Morgan

His matches however….

So how about this shit. I go and buy the new Best of Nitro WWE DVD release and there’s no insert in it! Are they really cutting that far back on DVDs? I know DVD media is being heavily reduced in areas, but I found that weird. And apparently more interesting than this match that I decided to type my puzzled feelings.

So the match. Hey God bless him, Scott Steiner still being able to wrestle in 2011. I think no matter how bad, it’s at least nice to see guys from my childhood still wrestling in any type of workrate. I think that’s at least something to think about next time you see or hear Scott Steiner on Impact. Morgan hit a Mitchinoku suplex kinda move for two. Swear to God. Steiner hit a few suplexes of his own for two. Steiner into a victory roll for two. Morgan ended up hitting the carbon footprint face smashing kick for the win.

Jeff Jarrett promo for his match with Angle tonight. I am really looking forward to this match, no matter what the promotion is.

3.) Abyss vs. Frankie Kazarian vs. Brian Kendrick for the X Title

Abyss went to throw Kendrick onto Kazarian but I don’t think Kazarian was paying attention and Kendrick landed real awkward. Kendrick hit a bunch of big moves on Abyss for a bunch of nerfalls. He blocks the sliced bread and hit a chokeslam. Kaz hit a frankensteiner off the top rope onto Abyss who took the bump right on the top of his head.

Kazarian rolls up Abyss for a close two. K&K send Abyss to the outside and fight in the ring. Kaz goes for the Flux then goes for the kryptonite krunch but Kendrick gets out of both. Kendrick hit a move on Kaz but Abyss takes him out then rolls up Kaz for the pin. Okay match, bad ending. I don’t really know what happened and they never showed a replay.

4.) Samoa Joe vs. Crimson

Joe hit a pretty sweet move driving Crimson right on his knees. Loud and long “Mercer!” chant by one or two people. Trade of slaps into a Joe headbutt, followed by a spear by Crimson onto Joe that takes down both guys. Joe lays in some hard slaps. Crimson espcaps the muscle buster but Joe goes for a choke but Crimson gets out. He hit a sit out power bomb for the pin and keeps his undefeated streak in tact. Hard hits in this one. Not bad. It was a watchable match for sure. I haven’t seen too much of Crimson but if he’s a rookie, he’s fine. They stare down and shake hands. Joe wants a rematch.

5.) Mickie James vs. Angelina Love w/ Winter for the Knockouts title

Winter tries to get Angelina to do some drugs before the match. Mickie wins with a DDT.

6.) “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles vs. Bubba Ray Dudley in a last man standing match

I don’t normally notice physiques easily, but AJ really stands out. He looks to be in some of the best shape of his career right now.

Bully Ray throws AJ out of the ring right on his head. He drops AJ right on the ring steps set up vertically. He squashes AJ with the steps standing on them. He did a spot where he spit his gum in the air and caught it in his mouth. He traps AJ in the ropes and his a loud chop. Handprint on AJ’s chest. AJ asks for another one and he gets it. He asks for another and gets slayed. Holy shit chant for a chop. AJ’s chest is almost purple. Bully Ray then slugs him as AJ gets up at five.

AJ hits the Pele with Ray on the second rope. He goes for a rana but Ray hits a power bomb off the middle rope. Both men down. They go to the outside. Ray has a chain. He misses a shot with the chain then AJ takes it wraps it around his hand and slugs him with his running forearm on the outside. Ray is busted open, bleeding everywhere.

Back in the ring, AJ hits an awesome springboard 450 splash. Ray up at eight. He’s bleeding all over. AJ then powerslammed Ray to tbe outside and dove onto Ray. Ray then slams AJ against the ropes. Ray throws AJ up the ramp onto the stage. They fight over to the spot where Ray power bob=mbed him off the stage. AJ hits the Pele as Ray gets kicked down off the stage. AJ then goes completely out of his mind and goes for a running splash to Ray who was really far away. Insane for the distance as much as how high he got. This is awesome chant. Ray up at eight.

AJ brings out a table. He hits Ray with a chair and then goes back to the top of the stage and then jumps onto a steel structure next to the stage and then climbs up to nearly the fucking top of this thing and hits an elbowdrop. Crowd is going crazy, both men down. A-J STY-LES chant.

AJ then gets to his feet then falls over and goes head first into the stage threw the wall, like he got eliminated on Remote Control. Ray then at nine gets up and wins the match.

Fans chant bullshit after a legit awesome fucking match and it’s justifiable.

Incredible brawl with some insane stuff. AJ Styles is still awesome, 11 years after first watching him on NWA Wildside. Definitely a watch this if you’re checking this show out or just want to see AJ still bringing it.

7.) TNA World Champ Sting defends vs. Mr. Anderson

They brawl around ringside then brawl around the different bleacher areas.

Ending saw Sting hit the Scorpion Death Drop and then Jackson James/Bischoff’s son who was the ref did this spot where he was counting the pin on Sting 1, Bischoff hits the mat tells Bischoff to get out, counts a pinfall, which Sting thinks is 3. It’s not, Sting argues, Anderson hits the Mic Check and wins the title.

MAIN EVENT: The Final Battle- Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett

Karen is interviewed from Tennessee in a place that looks just like the Impact Zone set.

Main starts at 10:30. Few minutes in Jarrett back body drops Angle to the outside and Angle ended up landing head first into the rail. Later on he misses a big moonsault. This man is insane.

Jarrett hits Angle with a guitar as Earl Hebner comes down (the ref had been taken down) for a two. Angle roll up for two. Three German suplexes for a close two. Angle suplexes Jarrett off the top for two. Jarrett gains control and hits the stroke off the middle rope as Angle kicks out at two. All great stuff, but the crowd is too quiet.

They get a bit louder chanting for Angle. Jarrett goes for the anklelock. Angle comes close to the ropes, but Jarrett reels him in and sinks it in. The crowd chants USA as Angle decides if he wants to tap. He gets momentum as Jarrett gets kicked in the head by his free leg. He gets in the ankle lock and Jarrett taps around 18 minutes in. Good match. Angle is now the #1 contender.

Angle celebrates and leaves. Jarrett sulks in the ring as the show comes to a close. Next month is Destination X, featuring Ultimate X, six sided ring, and stars from the past.

If you obtain this show by various means you —

must see: AJ vs. Bully Ray Last Man Standing
should see: Angle vs. Jarrett
check out if you’ve got the extra time: Storm/Shelley vs. Williams/Magnus

.. and skip the rest. Thanks for reading!


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