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We’re Looking for New Columnists & Podcasters!

by on June 10, 2011

We’re looking for new columnists and podcasts for the website. We’ve done better than our best hopes so far with this website, but continuous growth is something we’re constantly striving for. We’re doing some great things now, but we also recognize that there are things that we do the same or similarly to other websites. Some of them we do better and some worse, but we want to be different.

Don’t take this as us completely overhauling the site. We’re NOT COMPLETELY OVERHAULING THE WEBSITE. A lot of our more popular features, like Match of the Day, the Blogject reviews and so on, are staying put. However, we want to add more to it to give anyone no reason to not at least give our site a shot. That’s why we’re on the hunt for smart, witty columnists who are well-versed in not only wrestling, but other aspects of pop culture (whether it be music, comic books, television, film and so on).

We’re looking for writers who can bring something different to the table. We’re not looking for “ROH (DVD Title) Review”. We’re looking for “10 Musicians Who Would Be Awesome Wrestling Characters” or “How Captain Lou Albano Has Shaped the American Nuclear Family” or “The DC Universe and Memphis Wrestling: A Comparison Article”. We’re obviously looking for quality, but we want a lot of uniqueness along with that quality authorship.

If you think you can fill this void, e-mail us at with a writing sample.

Alongside that, if you either have a podcast now or think you can produce a unique podcast along those lines (personally, if someone could produce a weekly “History of Music in Wrestling” podcast, I’d be all over that joint…but anything along those lines or even the niche “sports entertainment” products like American Gladiators, WMAC Masters, etc. would be awesome subjects as well.), either send us a sample of your show or, if you haven’t recorded an episode of this yet, send an outline of what you want to do to and I’ll help you get set up to record.

We hope to see lots of entries, as we think we’ve struck upon something and could have a really awesome new type of wrestling website very soon.


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