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MALENKO FRIDAY – 6/10 Match of the Day: Dean Malenko vs Eddie Guerrero

by on June 10, 2011

Does Friday have you down? No sweat; Dean Malenko’s here to save your day! Maleeeeeenko Friday! (If you say it with the long “e”, it’s much more fun.)

Today’s Match of the Day is from the September 18, 1997 WCW house show in Spokane, Washington, as Eddie Guerrero defended the WCW Cruiserweight Title against Mr. Malenko himself.

By this point, Eddie had gone through his first heel turn and pulled out a really great stooging performance. There’s a moment where Eddie goes to pull a weapon out of his trunks, only for Dean to turn around where Eddie’s timing in getting his hand out of his trunks and begging off is IMPECCABLE. It’s completely not the type of match you think of when you think of Eddie Guerrero wrestling Dean Malenko; it’s more one of those type of matches where you watch and marvel at how much they got out of so little. Some of Guerrero’s legwork on Malenko was a bit pedestrian, though the snapping senton onto the leg was pretty great. It says something when Eddie seemingly stays in a legbar for at least five minutes and the crowd gets louder and louder by the second. I loved how Malenko sold his leg advantageously, such as when he needed to be cut off on the top rope during the finishing sequence. The finish itself kind of sucked, but it shouldn’t stop you from checking out this match.

To watch the match in its entirety, click under the cut!


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