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Four Post Massacre: THE BACKYARD

by on June 10, 2011

FOUR POST MASSACRE – \”The Backyard\” Discussion

We go back to January 27th of this year for this archived edition of Ben Pasco’s Four Post Massacre, as Tom joined him to discuss Paul Hough’s 2002 documentary The Backyard (as discussed by Tim Donst on Episode 38 of Mike & Tom Present…). We look back on the tales of characters like deaf backyarder Scar, cult icon The Lizard and his WWF Tough Enough travels, “The Vince McMahon of Backyard Wrestling” and the brothers in the desert who chokeslam their mom.

Whether you’ve seen the film or not, we highly recommend listening to this. Whether you’ve seen it and want to re-live it, have never seen it and want a reason to see it, or just want weird stories of Tom & Ben’s youths, this is for you.

Approximate time:  67 minutes.

(Thanks to the CSTC Network for co-hosting The Massacre.) 

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