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M&T FLASHBACK: Grapplers’ Words…

by on June 8, 2011

Originally, Mike & Tom Present… started humbly as a place for us and some of our smartest, wittiest, most fun friends to discuss wrestling and all that entailed. However, as the fanbase swelled and the show grew, the demand for personalities inside of the industry to appear on the show grew.

Throughout the months since we began the show, we’ve had a number of wrestlers appear on the show and give us candid thoughts into the psyche of the independent grappler. From a 18-year-old kid from Indiana just beginning his career to a grizzled veteran coming back into the sport after a layoff, we’ve seen a lot of perspectives thus far. Here are some of the episodes featuring those who don the tights (and one who dons the zebra stripes) to provide bouts that we all enjoy!

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Episode 25 – Harding Rainbow – Jason Harding, renowned referee for Dragon Gate USA and Evolve, joined us to discuss his tour of Dragon Gate in Japan, his time at the Florida Championship Wrestling tryout camps, advice for young referees and gives a great window and insight into the world of the independent wrestling referee, a view sometimes not given as much credence as it should be given.

Episode 29 – Zone of the Combat  – CZW standout Jonathan Gresham joined us on this episode to discuss his tour of DDT in Japan, advice for young wrestlers looking to break out, Bill the Butcher, training under Mr. Hughes, his time with the Osirian Portal as Hieracon, and more!

Episode 31 – Are You Afraid of the Donst? – Tim Donst joined us to discuss Nintendo 64 wrestling video games, how he grew to love wrestling, wrestling Daniel Bryan, his King of Trios experiences and his memories of the late Larry Sweeney, amongst other topics.

Episode 33 – Exploder’s Castle – BJ Whitmer was our guest as he talked about his first NOAH tour, working for the Heartland Wrestling Association while it was a WWE developmental territory, how he’s holding up physically in 2011, his major feuds in ROH, why he went on hiatus and why he decided to come back! Those were just a few issues discussed on this episode!

Episode 34 – The Strange Journey of Tripp Cassidy (Part One) –  Indiana independent wrestler Tripp Cassidy joined us for the first in a series of shows as we chronicle his journey through the ranks of independent wrestling from the beginning. Some of (but not all of) the topics brought up include training under Billy Roc, driving over twelve hours to help out at King of Trios 2011, whether he’s related to Steve Armstrong alter-ego Lance Cassidy and his ambitions/dreams in wrestling!

Episode 38 – AHH! Real Donster! – Tim Donst & Jakob Hammermeier both joined us on this episode! Donst came back to talk about Super Jesus Wrestling, his Puma commercial, WMAC Masters, the film The Backyard and more, while Jakob (with Donst still on the line) talked about his in-ring career so far in Chikara, his influences as a ring announcer and much more!

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