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CZW Wired (Season 2, Episode 6) Review

by on June 7, 2011

(If you want to follow along or just skip my review, watch it, then come back and compare thoughts, head on over to HybridEnt.TV to check out this episode of CZW Wired.)

The show opens with a video package covering the Adam Cole/AR Fox main event from the CZW Proving Grounds DVD. I’ll say this much: the video made the match look like an epic, which is what the video should’ve done. Also, I might be speaking out of turn since I haven’t seen the full match yet, but DJ Hyde being at ringside randomly during the entire match had to have telegraphed the turn to a ridiculous degree.


-Once again, the tiny graphic with the names in the corner really need to be replaced by much larger, individual name keys. I couldn’t make out “VSK” until the commentators said his name.
-I’m assuming Reynolds is the guy in the purple trunks and VSK is the guy in the black tights, judging by commentary. Again, it’s another reason you need individual name keys, especially for new guys like this.
-Their chain wrestling is quite smooth-like. I don’t know much about either guy other than Reynolds having a good night at Dragon Gate USA on Saturday, but it looks like these two have wrestled each other.
-I give the EZ Money reference on commentary (during the rocking horse/reverse Boston Crab move by Reynolds) four stars. I always liked him, but history hasn’t been so kind.
-It’s weird that Reynolds would impress Gabe Sapolsky enough to put him on a Dragon Gate show since, while he does a couple of neat moves, he wrestles more like he’d be one of the best guys in Florida Championship Wrestling than a Dragon Gate/”super-indie”-type wrestler.
-VSK dropped Reynolds right on his forehead, it looked like, on a snapping powerslam after Reynolds did a neat waistlock evasion spot.
-Reynolds wins with a fisherman buster onto his knee. Solid match, could have maybe been tightened up by a minute or so, but it showed the difference between the TV taping crowd and the regular show crowds by a mile, as while this crowd is far quieter overall, they did react to the new guys way better than the usual CZW crowds would.


-Eagles is an Australian who’s been wrestling on CZW undercards as of late.
-Sami threw these forearms to the back of the head while mounting Eagles early on that looked killer. Loved them.
-Eagles looked a little awkward between forearms in a strike exchange, but otherwise seems really solid (and throws a really nice vertical suplex, which is a lost art in 2011).
-I don’t know if it costs extra to rent the guardrails when CZW runs the Asylum Arena, but if it doesn’t, I’d recommend using them for even a show with a crowd this small. It looks aestetically better and even gives the illusion of a slightly larger crowd, in my humble, uneducated opinion.
-There’s a series of chops from Sami in the corner towards the end of this match that looked as rough (in a good way) as any chops you’ll see.
-Drew Blood is way better as a referee than most guys in their first few months on the job. He’s really good at blending into the background, but not backing down when guys get in his face while he enforces rules.
-Sami wins with the Stretch Muffler, which Sami has done a great job of getting over as a finisher across the major indies this year.
-I understand Sami probably wanted to “give Eagles a good match”, but this was the wrong match considering each guy’s spot on the roster. Sami Callihan is arguably “the guy” in Combat Zone Wrestling, while Eagles is a undercard non-factor. You wouldn’t see Steve Austin go on Shotgun Saturday Night and give Tom Brandi fifteen good minutes in 1998. Steve would’ve stunned him instantly, if they even had the gull to intertwine those two. It was a technically good match, but in terms of “doing business” or whatever the 2011 indie wrestling equivalent is, this match failed. Sami gave Eagles too much and made himself look weaker than he should be as the Adam Cole rivalry heats up.


The show finishes up with a match from Big Japan with Masashi Takeda versus Ryuji Ito, featuring Rob Naylor and Emil J. on commentary. From a presentation standpoint, it would’ve been a lot less awkward to record some sort of transition from the Arena footage to the Big Japan stuff. Also, while it was (like Sami/Eagles) technically a really good match, I don’t know if it was a good idea to show a match where Takeda (who’s coming in for Tournament of Death) lost. A three-minute highlight video of some of his nuttier stuff would’ve both been way shorter and done more to get across “Hey, this guy is nuts! I need to go see him in CZW!” than a long match (which, in 2011, sometimes don’t translate well on a computer screen to our ADHD generation).


That’s it for the show. I liked the previous one a lot more since it felt like an actual show and not just matches thrown together for the sake of it. Sami/Eagles and Takeda/Ito were technically better matches than anything on the prior episode, but the Drew Gulak storyline tied everything together and made for a far easier-to-digest show. If you just want to see good matches, this show’s for you. Personally, it didn’t quite tickle my fancy like last time, but hopefully the Gulak storyline is given some time on the next episode and the whole show is tied together like an actual show.


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