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6/7 Match of the Day: Sami Callihan vs Tripp Cassidy

by on June 7, 2011

Today’s Match of the Day is a continuation of our Insanity Pro Wrestling Week (for more IPW info, including details on their June 18th card with a Drake Younger/Scotty Vortekz thumbtack match and Jimmy Jacobs against Sami Callihan for the IPW Heavyweight Title, please head on over to

Today, we go back to the best day of my life (notsomuch for this particular event since I was all busy becoming an honest man and all, but I’m sure I’ll love the DVD when it comes out on, May 7th, 2011. Besides my wedding, IPW held their Keep the Faith event, including a pre-show featuring students of Billy Roc’s School of Roc training center. The main event on the pre-show featured 10 for ’11 class member Tripp Cassidy (who you can hear on Episode 34 of Mike & Tom Present...) facing one of the bigger names on the American independent wrestling scene in “The New Horror” Sami Callihan.

One thing is for certain about this match: Tripp can take a beating. I don’t think I’ve seen someone sell mudhole stomping better in a long time than Tripp in the opening moments of the bout (watch his head whip back and forth and try not to wince). Sami beat the freakin’ tar out of him. It’s about how you’d imagine it would go if Sami Callihan from 2011 were signed by the WWF in 1993 and sent out to debut on WWF Wrestling Challenge. It’s a really fun little five minute match that you should check out.

To see the match in its entirety, click under the cut!


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