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DYNAMIC DEBUT MONDAY – 6/6 Match of the Day: Mike Quackenbush vs Billy Roc

by on June 6, 2011

To start off your work-week right, we’re bringing you another Dynamic Debut in today’s Match of the Day!

Not only that, but today begins Insanity Pro Wrestling Week for Match of the Day! From today through Thursday (unless there’s a secret Dean Malenko match in the IPW vaults that we could post on Friday), we’ll be bringing you IPW matches every morning to begin the day just right. For more information on IPW (including details on their big card on Saturday, June 18th in Indianapolis featuring a Drake Younger/Scotty Vortekz thumbtack match and Sami Callihan versus Jimmy Jacobs for the IPW Heavyweight Title, go to

Today, we go back to September 6, 2006, as IPW held their annual Super Junior Heavyweight Tournament (which you can buy on DVD for $15 at THIS LINK). “Lightning” Mike Quackenbush made his debut for IPW against Billy Roc, beginning a rivalry that even leaked over into the 2007 IWA Mid-South Ted Petty Invitational. It was very much two guys having fun, just trading holds back and forth (there’s even a sequence early on, where Quackenbush performs a chained sequence of holds, causing Roc to pop up and, as he’s said before, react like he had no idea what Quackenbush had just done to him). Roc had been working for IWA-MS for about nine months up to this point, but this was arguably his breakout match, as in the following year, he started working semi-regularly for Chikara and even had a dark match for Ring of Honor.

To watch the match in its entirety, please click under the cut!


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