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Dragon Gate USA Uprising 2011 Complete Results

by on June 4, 2011

Under the cut, we begin our coverage of Dragon Gate USA’s “Uprising 2011” pay-per-view taping, here on June 4th, 2011. We’d like to thank the folks at We Watch Wrestling for providing us with on-the-scene coverage of the festivities as they occur! The card for tonight’s show:

1st Ever Three Way Freestyle
PAC vs. Ricochet vs. Rich Swann

Four Way Freestyle
YAMATO vs. CIMA vs. Johnny Gargano vs. Masato Yoshino

1st Ever Eight Way Freestyle
Caleb Konley vs. Flip Kendrick vs. Jon Davis vs. Louis Lyndon vs. Pinkie Sanchez vs. Sami Callihan vs. Scott Reed vs. ?

Special Challenge Match #1
Masaaki Mochizuki vs. Arik Cannon

Special Challenge Match #2
Austin Aries vs. Susumu Yokosuka

Special Attraction Match #1
Akira Tozawa vs. AR Fox

Special Attraction Match #2
Brodie Lee vs. Tony Nese

Click under the cut for live results!

NYWC Bonus Card:
a) John Silver d. Alex Reynolds. Great match. The building is really, really warm.
b) Apollyon and Stockade def. Papadon and Ryan Rush. Another solid match.

1)  Sami Callihan def. Caleb Konley vs. Flip Kendrick vs. Jon Davis vs. Louis Lyndon vs. Pinkie Sanchez vs. Alex Colon vs. Scott Reed

Lots of action in this one as you would expect. Pinkie taunts Sami. Slap battle between Sami and Pinkie. Dives from everyone. Davis hits a pounce on Konley. Konley taps to the stretch muffler as Sami gets the win in a real fun match. Sami spit in Pinkie’s face post match.

2.) Brodie Lee def. Tony Nese

Brodie slaps around Nese, but Nese hits a dive to the outside that went almost into the crowd. Nese is getting in a lot of offense. Blood Warriors are being awesome as they are taunting the crowd on the outside. Then, CIMA and Ricochet distract the ref,  Aries distracts Nese as he goes for a 450 and misses. Brodie then wins with a sit out powerbomb.

Aries on the mic says that there’s no one that belongs in the ring with the Blood Warriors. Yokosuka then comes out and that match is on!

3.) Susumu Yokosuka def. Austin Aries

Early on, Aries had to take a water break, someone yelled “I love you Austin!” and Aries responded by throwing his water bottle into the crowd.  Later he hits the heat seeking missile to send the barricade back an entire row. Yokosuka wins after a move that I’m sure Alan4L would know the name of. Sort of an Angel’s Wings type deal. Good match.

4.) CIMA def. YAMATO vs. Johnny Gargano vs. Masato Yoshino

They’re doing some really cool multi-man spots, far too much to report. Gargano dove on all three men individually. CIMA pins YAMATO after the double knees to the top. Gargano had a very impressive outing. Really good match.

CIMA cuts a promo on YAMATO in Japanese and then says he doesn’t like Long Island. Intermission Time. Again thanks to our friends at

5.) Alex Reynolds def. Papadon

Going back and forth. Papdon hits a piledriver and goes for the pin,but Reynolds grabs the ropes. Papadon misses a flying headbutt. Reynolds wins with a neckbreaker type move. Seriously, remember the name Alex Reynolds.

6.) Masaaki Mochizuki def. Arik Cannon

Cannon/Mochizuki starts off hot with a running kick to the face of Cannon. Mochizuki kicks out of the Total Anarchy. Mochi hits some insane kicks. Mochizuki wins with a springboard enziguiri, Sami runs in. Yokosuka for the save. Pinkie out to try to counter Susumu. Pinkie gets lariated. Cannon gives Mochizuki a brainbuster. Sami on the mic, says they’re going to beat them tomorrow night at the anniversary show live on iPPV. Cannon throws Pinkie out of the ring.

7.) Akira Tozawa def. AR Fox

Action into a standoff and the crowd loves it. They’re way into AR Fox. Tozawa has clearly been learning English from Steen. Split legged moonsault by Fox, Tozzawa kicks out. Corkscrew split legged moonsault, Tozawa kicks out again. Tozawa with a dive to the outside that was followed by another one, followed by what looked like a moonsault. A cameraman had obstructed the way. AR Fox with his moonsault off the post. The crowd loves him. He did his legdrop off the top with Tozawa on the apron. Tozawa hits a german off the top. Crowd is way into this match. Tozawa wins with a bridging german,while holding Fox’s arms behind him. Fantastic match. Worth the price of admission alone. Handshake, hug, and Tozawa raises Fox’s arm. The crowd is on their feet.

8.) Ricochet def. PAC vs. Rich Swann

Swann sings the Ronin theme on his way to the ring. Action is moving so fast, too quick to type. This should be expected if you just look at who is in the match. Ricochet pins Swann with a 630. Holy shit this match. FLIPS. Ricochet gets on the mic and tells PAC that he’s the best high flyer, not PAC. Yoshino makes the save for PAC. PAC gets on the mic and calls Ricochet pathetic.

A really great show. Please be sure to order the DVD at when it comes out or order it on PPV in August.

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