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Dragon Gate USA Fearless 2011 Complete Results and Report

by on June 3, 2011

Join Mike under the cut for live results, discussion, and review for tonight’s iPPV starting around 8PM ET.

This guarantees to be one of the hottest weekends in indy wrestling all year. Check out the lineup:

Dragon Gate USA Fearless 2011
Open The United Gate Title Match: PAC & Masato Yoshino defend vs. YAMATO & Akira Tozawa
Austin Aries vs. Johnny Gargano
CIMA vs. Rich Swann
Masaaki Mochizuki vs. Sami Callihan
Ricochet vs. Susumu Yokosuka
Six Way Freestyle: AR Fox vs. Arik Cannon vs. Scott Reed vs. Tony Nese vs. Brodie Lee vs. ?

Lenny Leonard is in the ring as a buzzing noise goes off. Image is fine if you want to look at Lenny Leonard’s ass with a buzzing noise.

8:07 and no show yet. They look to be having some audio problems.

Now the screen is frozen as Lenny casually leans on the ropes. Can’t tell too much about the venue. It seems like facing the hard camera is the crowd who are elevated behind a rail on a stage.

OK show has just started. I just had to refresh my browser. Odd.

1. CIMA vs. Rich Swann
CIMA says “Fuck Boston” and as a Flyers fan, I have to agree. It is INSANE how far Rich Swann has come in the past 18 months. He really started catching my eye as half of Irish Drive By in CZW and has benefitted immensely by getting to work DG Japan and getting better and better. Aries is on the outside as CIMA’s second; Gargano is Swann’s.

Good opener from what I saw. Swann gets a Pele kick for two. Swann attempts the standing 450 but Aries distracts Swann. Sound guy plays the Blood Warriors theme. CIMA drops Swann on the back of his neck and then hits the Meteora (CIMA jumps off the top with double knees to Swann’s head and shoulders)

2. Six Way Freestyle: AR Fox vs. Alex Colon (!) vs. Scott Reed vs. Tony Nese vs. Brodie Lee vs. Arik Cannon

They all come out as a death metal song plays. Looks like friend of the site Jason Harding has his hands full with this one. Stoked to see Colon on the show!

Another good match. Awesome spot as Brodie Lee backdrops AR Fox over corner of the ring and he does a 450 splash on everyone. Lots of exchanged with Cannon and Brodie that were great. Fox continues to be one of the fastest rising stars in tbe indies. Again, I remember when this guy was in the three way with Arbo and Andy and knew how special he was. He’s improving and looked awesome in this match. Cannon though gets the brain buster on Colon for the pin.

3. Ricochet vs. Susumu Yokosuka

This should be great. Yokosuka is a greatbase and Ricochet, obviously is a premier flyer.

Ricochet hits an insane 630 splash but Yokosuka gets his foot on the rope. He catches Ricochet on the ropes and hits a crazy close to the lights suplex off the top for a close two. Good exchange for that. Yokosuka hits a gorgeous lariat but Ricochet kicks out. Yokosuka hits another monster suplex and gets the pin. Great showing for both guys. Real good match.

It’s 8:53 now as I type this and the sound and video delays from earlier are completely forgotten. Great first hour.

4. Sami Callihan vs. Open the Dream Gate Champion Masaaki Mochizuki

Really looking forward to this. Mochizuki’s music is awesome. Non title match.

Hilarious spot as Sami does a tope to the outside and the sound guy (who is fucking awful at his job by the way) plays some song with a big guitar rift. Rich Swann is in Mochi’s corner.

Sami gets the stretch muffler but no dice. If you’re drinking while watching the replay, take a shot every time Naylor says ‘homie’. Brutal kick by Mochi for two. He has some killer kicks and hits a twisting brainbuster for two. High angle Saito suplex, big forearm, and back to the muffler for Sami. Mochi fights out as they exchange submissions.

Brutal kick to the head by Mochi and he wins it. Great hard hitting match.

Sami and Cannon attack Mochi as Yokosuka makes the save. They brawl as a whole bunch of dudes in indyriffic tights come out to break them up including the guy who took out George Steele. They continue to brawl. Remember, they will wrestle in a tag match this Sunday night on iPPV. Great post match stuff for a while, but then it just went on and on. I liked the fact that it was two teams that couldn’t be contained, but it got past the point it was trying to make.

Intermission time. Great first half. Have to see the CIMA/Swann match from the start.

They’re showing the Mochizuki/Katsuhiko Nakajima vs. Hulk and Yoshino match from August 2009.

Lenny introduces Jon Davis. He calls out the DUF. PINKIE SANCHEZ comes out and says he’s dirty, he’s ugly, and he doesn’t give a fuck about anybody. He’s busted his ass for ten years and he thinks its his chance to join the Dirty Ugly Fucks. They wipe their boogers on him and leave.

5. Jon Davis vs. Pinkie Sanchez

Thought this would of been a squash but they kept it competitive. Brutal kicks and slaps from Davis to Pinkie. DUF had a seat outside and laughed their asses off watching Pinkie get beat up. Pinkie got some offense in though. Finish was real fucked up. Davis hits a sitout powerbomb for two but the ref counts three and for the bell. Davis WHO WAS GETTING THE PIN argued that it was only a two count. Why? But Davis picks him up and hits all his spots including the finish which was a spinning sitout powerbomb for the three.

6. Austin Aries w/Brodie Lee vs. Johnny Gargano

Gargano’s music stops half way through as a sound guy sucks chant breaks out. Aries cuts a prematch promo. He sends Brodie to the back.

Fantastic match. Early on, they traded holds with the key being Gargano was hanging right there with Aries and sometimes was one step ahead. They brawled in the crowd. There is a guy wearing a Francine 4:69 t-shirt. Aries suplexes Gargano off the stage barricade into a pile of chairs. Aries also hit a double axe handle with Gargano leaning over the rail on the stage. Later on Aries hit a DVD on Gargano on the apron. Aries wins it with a brainbuster. Great long, but not too long semi-main event match that I barely scratched the surface of everything they did. Worth the money and time seeking out the replay for this one.

MAIN EVENT – Open The United Gate Title Match: PAC & Masato Yoshino defend vs. YAMATO & Akira Tozawa

YAMATO has the most rockin music ever. This has potential to be a classic.

Amazing match. Yoshino and PAC retain. Way too much stuff for me to just name off the top of my head because it was so action packed, mile a minute type stuff. It was what you’d expect. PAC hit some crazy high flying moves, but the whole match you think he’s going to kick one of the lights because they were pretty low hanging over the ring.

The feed cut out for some people when Tozawa hit a move for a nearfall. Mine was fine, but Tom Richards’ went out until PAC was cutting the post match promo.

Great show. To order the replay OnDemand, click the link on the top left hand of this page.

One Comment
  1. tom richards permalink

    great show!!! great review too. the sound guy was terrible and probably should have packed up his shit and quit on his own before gabe got to him lol.

    the last 2 matches were worth the 15 bucks alone. too bad the feed went out for some peeps but not all for the finish of the main event. my feed didnt come back on till pac was cutting a post match promo. but reading the chat on the ppv it seems some people had no problems and some peeps had it cut out.

    bring on the sunday show and what looks like an awsome line up!!!

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