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6/1 Match of the Day: Paul London & Brian Kendrick vs Kid Kash & Jamie Noble

by on June 1, 2011

For today’s Match of the Day, I wanted to post the match that Kid Kash and Jamie Noble wrestled against Paul London and Brian Kendrick at the 2006 WWE Great American Bash, but unfortunately, the only version of that match on Youtube is with French commentary. I love all of our French site readers/listeners, but I’d feel bad for the English speaking and Alan Counihan. (insert winky smiley face).

Therefore, I went with a match from about six months prior between the two teams. From the January 27, 2006 episode of WWE Velocity, the two teams faced off months before Kash & Noble officially became the Pitbulls, as they had a match right before that year’s Royal Rumble. It’s about twelve minutes, which is damn long for a WWE TV match and they used it well. Kash & Noble were a GREAT little ass-kicker heel tag team who brought the violent-looking offense (Kash especially is very painful-looking in the best way possible, destroying London with a low dropkick and legdrop during the heat). London & Kendrick bring the fire and are tremendous at fighting from underneath for the entire match. Everything about it, from the fast pace to awesome-looking dragon sleeper finish make this a lot of fun to watch.

To watch the match in its entirety, please click under the cut!


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