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PWG All Star Weekend 8 Complete Results & Review – May 27, 28 2011 + VIDEO

by on May 30, 2011

Our buddy Nesbar over on the Wrestling Obsverver/Figure Four BOARD gave us his good blessing to post these here. Check under the cut for complete results of what sounds like outstanding two nights of pro wrestling.

This report is brought to you by board member Eldon, who generously paid for my tickets. This show had a lot of bad luck occur, but a lot of good action. There was a bit of slop and mistimed spots in most of the matches, but it didn’t hurt the show very much. Let’s get started.

Kevin Steen vs. Willie Mack – Steen appears to have lost some weight. He’s still got some heft, but most of the baggage has seemed to fallen off. A great hard hitting comedy match which featured Steen jawing the crowd. He also made fun of Mack by pointing to the front row and saying, “That’s your seat there, isn’t it?” (Mack was just a fan at the shows years ago). Match ends when Steen package piledrives Mack, Mack goes to the outside, Steen pulls Mack back into the ring, and Mack schoolboys Steen out of nowhere for the pin. Fine opener.

Dynasty vs. The Fightin’ Taylor Boys – Match was a little sloppy with some mistimed spots, but there was some fine stuff from Scorpio Sky and Ryan Taylor. Dynasty wins after a flying knee by Sky, superkick by Joey , then a cutter by Sky for the pin. Chuck Taylor is at ringside and was furious at the fact that his family lost. He calls out Kenny King.

Chuck Taylor vs. Kenny King – Another cool comedy match from Taylor with King cracking wise at him and the crowd as well. Fine action with Chuck winning via interference from Brian Cage-Taylor and pulling the tights.

RockNES Monsters vs. Generation Me (c), PWG Tag Titles – They played a little bit with some infighting between the Young Bucks and some misunderstandings. The match itself had some mistimed spots and slop, but the action was nonstop and exciting. High spots and Wrestlemania kickouts akimbo! GenMe win via double superkick to a pin.

Austin Aries & Roderick Strong vs. The Cutler Brothers – A fine tag match that focused on the return of Generation Next. Aries and Strong win, but are attacked by Generation Me post-match. Alex Shelley appears and runs GenMe off. Shelley suggests that Aries/Strong join up with him to REALLY reform Generation Next and take on Generation Me & a Partner of Their Choosing. The crowd loves this. Shelley puts over Eddie Edwards and calls him into the ring.

Alex Shelley vs. Eddie Edwards – Best singles match of the night with fine action. Eddie got heckled by a random woman on the outside… who was wearing a Big Show t-shirt. She was rightfully ridiculed, accepted her sussing and life went on. Edwards picked up the win after a 2K1 Bomb. After the match, Shelley made a plea to Excalibur to put together a future match between The American Wolves and the Motor City Machine Guns. The fans were chomping at the bit at the thought of it.

The Nightmare Violence Connection vs. El Genericochet – MATCH OF THE NIGHT. HANDS DOWN. Hell, it even got a “MATCH OF THE YEAR” chant. Back and forth action with Tozawa screaming, Ricochet flying and surviving, and with Steen and Generico rekindling their 2010 feud. Lots of high spots and FUCK YOU kill moves and strikes, the biggest one in my opinion being Steen hitting a package piledriver on Ricochet on the apron. Or Tozawa hitting his slow motion German suplex on El Generico on the apron. Or Steen reversing El Generico’s brainbuster into a package piledriver. Tons of Wrestlemania kickouts in this one. This match sells the DVD.

Chris Hero vs. Claudio Castagnoli (c), PWG World Title – This match had problems, but it wasn’t totally the wrestlers’ fault. The first five to ten minutes is grappling and mat wrestling, both men hesitating to strike each other. The Claudio hits a European uppercut and it’s on. Claudio works on Hero’s elbow, trying to de-weaponize it. Claudio hits the ropes for a dive to the outside and the top rope breaks. Now, the match suffers. Claudio in a fit of anger, just removes the rest of the top rope off the turnbuckles. The guys do a Battle of the Big Boots and do moves off the middle rope. It’s super awkward to watch given the fact that both men are over 6’4″ and it looks unbalanced and unsafe. In fact, after one such move, Hero grabs his ankle and may or may not have injured it. The guys try but there appeared to be some miscues in attempting some spots while trying to improvise around the lack of a top rope. Hero proceeds to berate Claudio. “You are just my #2!” Claudio mans up and gets a second wind. He hits a UFO on Hero in an impressive display. That’s when both men go for the strike battle with Hero’s elbows/boots and Claudio’s Euro-uppercuts/boots. The crowd is getting tired. The match is a bit too long for its own good. Claudio retains after hitting on mega-uppercut. The crowd immediately heads for the exit after the match. I really feel bad for these guys because they had such an uphill battle from the start. They had to follow the AWESOME TAG MATCH FROM VAHALLA, the match started close to midnight so the crowd was spent, and the ropes broke. The match was too long, but I believe they just tried to save it along with trying to give folks their money’s worth.


Excalibur comes out and says that unfortunately there were some injuries from the night before, so the card will be shuffled around a little bit. Man, these guys just can’t get a break. Chuck Taylor is brought out in his street clothes. He can’t compete tonight because he injured his groin last night, but he wants vengeance on Kenny King for hurting him. He nominates Brian Cage-Taylor (in his Wolverine gear) to do it.

Brian Cage-Taylor vs. Kenny King – The two men compete in a fine opener that has comedic shenanigans by Chuck Taylor on the outside. I think this was the best match that I’ve seen either man in. King gets the victory by pinfall after bleeding up Cage’s nose and mouth.

Nightmare Violence Connection vs. The RockNES Monsters – Awesome match. Not a MOTY like last night, but super good. Match immediately starts as a brawl and keeps on going. Steen is his Steeny self by mocking RockNES and the crowd, along with doing gross things like putting Goodtime in a camel clutch, picking his nose and shove a booger in Goodtime’s mouth. Steen might have tweaked his leg as he was favoring it in the match and it wasn’t exploited. Hard strikes and FUCK YOU slams by both teams. Poor Johnny Yuma is knocked loopy by a hard slap by Steen, then was package piledriven on the ring apron for the pin.

The Young Bucks appear and beat on Steen and Tozawa after the match while Steen is trying to say goodbye to Tozawa. Chris Hero shows up and runs off the Bucks. Hero grabs the microphone and puts over Tozawa, saying that no foreign wrestler has gotten such love and reaction from the fans in such a short time here in PWG and that PWG is his home. That being said, Hero mentions that one of the best matches of last year featured him versus Tozawa… anybody want a rematch? THE CROWD LOVES THE IDEA. Match is made for later tonight!

Willie Mack vs. Ricochet – Hard smacks mixed in with flips both wonderful and some sloppy. Amazing feats as Willie Mack hits a standing shooting star press for a near fall. It was surreal to see a man of his dimensions do such a thing. Ricochet gets the win after hitting a shooting star press from the top for the win.

The Dynasty vs. The Cutler Brothers – The Cutler Brothers’ chests were marked and streaked with red from taking Strong/Aries’ chops from the night before. They ask the crowd nicely to stop swearing in front of them, which of course makes the crowd scream obscenities throughout the match. It’s a decent match, but had some slop here and there. Dynasty gets the win via ankle lock submission by Sky.

El Generico vs. Eddie Edwards – Great match. Eddie works Generico’s leg for the Achilles Lock. Highlights of the match include: Eddie hitting Kobashi chops onto Generico and Generico hitting a Michinoku Driver on Eddie ONTO THE RING APRON. The match is back and forth until Eddie wins via submission to the Achilles Lock.

Austin Aries/Roderick Strong vs. Generation Me (c), PWG Tag Team Title – Match is a brawl from the start and GenNext split and take the Bucks into the bathrooms. Chant of “SWIRLY! SWIRLY! SWIRLY!” by the fans. Bucks come back with drenched hair and toilet paper sticking out of their tights and mouths. Then it turns into a great tag match with plenty of awesome double teams by both teams. Bucks win clean via a crucifix out of the nowhere. The finish took energy out of the crowd for a moment, starting a “BULLSHIT!” chant, but it was more due to the abrupt finish rather than who actually won. Great match otherwise.

HERO VS. TOZAWA II – I will say right now that I unfortunately have not seen the first Hero/Tozawa encounter back at BOLA 2010, but this was fucking great. Match started with a series of headlock spots. Hero uses his size advantage against Tozawa and levels him with strikes, but Tozawa will not stay down or die. Tozawa responds with kicks, backdrops, and German suplexes for near falls. Hero berates Tozawa but Tozawa’s spirit will not let him quit. Match ends when Tozawa traps Hero’s arms and German suplexes him for the pin. THE CROWD GOES INSANE. Hero rolls to the outside, he hurt the top of his head and is given ice. Steen comes in to tend to Tozawa.

The crowd chants “ARIGATO! ARIGATO! ARIGATO!” to Tozawa. Tozawa breaks down and cries. The guy is balling.
“I’m sorry… I don’t speak English.”
“Thank you all…”
“WE WILL MISS YOU! clap-clap-clapclap-clap WE WILL MISS YOU! clap-clap-clapclap-clap”

Tozawa thanks Steen, Hero, and the fans in Engrish that the cluttered with f-bombs and the crowd loves it. Tozawa is in tears the whole time. Hero makes it clear that if he’s not in the main event scene in Dragon Gate within six months, then those guys have no clue what they have. The crowd continues to chant “WE WILL MISS YOU!” at him as Tozawa walks away.

Low Ki vs. Claudio Castagnoli (c), PWG World Title – Match starts with light grappling then Ki kicks Claudio around ringside. Claudio gets back in control and works on Ki’s back with backbreakers and uber-flexible stretches. Claudio hits a big swing to 20 rotations and Ki still won’t stay down. Ki gets the advantage after a sunset flip reversed into a double stomp. Claudio gets kicked a bit, but goes for another Big Swing. Low Ki counters the Big Swing into a dragon sleeper IN MID SWING. AMAZING. Claudio gets the ropes and gets back with a European Uppercut from the top rope and a UFO. Claudio then goes for a pop-up uppercut but Ki hits Claudio with a kick after being popped. Great stuff. Low Ki hits a Ki Crusher for a two count. Low Ki goes for a Warrior’s Way from the top but misses and gets Ricola Bombed. Only a near fall. Claudio’s had enough and finally hits the pop-up uppercut for the pinfall. This match was everything that we thought it would be.

A great show overall. If they separate this weekend into two separate DVDs and you have to choose only one, pick Night Two. Fine stuff all around and a satisfying show. A great night but still falls short of the near untouchable DDT4 from this year.

Again, thanks to the great Nesbar over on THE BOARD.

Some promos from PWG’s YouTube page of night one—


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