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’94 WCW BLOGJECT: 5/28/94

by on May 27, 2011

The show opens with Gene Okerlund seemingly walking around the world’s loneliest carnival, looking for “answers”, as he said.

He ends up at the Thunder in Paradise set, where he can’t help but mumble some perverted line about the bikini-clad ladies on the set before Hulk Hogan walks over to answer whether he’s going to wrestle Ric Flair. Hogan rips up a Thunder in Paradise script (He’s shootin’, brutha!) before saying he’ll come into WCW if his Hulkamaniacs let him know they want him in WCW. Gene Okerlund shills the WCW Hotline, saying you can leave a message to let Hulk know you want him in WCW. Question: Why were spaghetti straps EVER popular on men’s tank tops?

-2 Cold Scorpio and Teddy Long were done with WCW by this point officially, as Bagwell came out to some NBA highlight video-sounding song by himself and the other two were never acknoledged.
-Bobby Heenan gives an INSPIRED rant about not wanting Hulk Hogan around WCW anymore.
-If Bagwell would’ve just stepped a foot closer, his punches in this match would be gorgeous.
-Bagwell only has nerve endings in his man-junk, judging by this match. Every time he was hit anywhere between his chest and his legs, he’d grab his dong and fall down.
-I give Bagwell crap for selling and right when I do, he takes a TREMENDOUS big boot and then eats a lariat for breakfast. Darn you, Sprayberry’s finest!
-Bagwell wins with a fisherman’s suplex after reversing an Irish whip into the corner.

Gene Okerlund shills the Hotline again before bringing in Col. Robert Parker. Parker introduces Meng (the former Haku) as his bodyguard due to being bumped around at Slamboree. Gene Okerlund tries interviewing Meng, but gets ignored.

“Stunning” STEVE AUSTIN (w/Col. Robert Parker & Meng) vs SCOTT STUD
-Stud is the future Scotty Riggs.
-Col. Parker must’ve bought a time transporter, since he magically jumped from the interview set to ringside due to an awkward edit.
-Schiavone gets a note during the match, saying that “the fans will get what they want to hear regarding unifying the WCW World and WCW International Titles”. Heenan replied with how Nick Bockwinkel used to be obsessed with unifying the AWA & NWA World Titles.
-Steve Austin: puppeteer.

-Austin wins with the Hollywood & Vine leglock.

-Poor Gene lost his desk.

-Okerlund recapped Slamboree. Rick Rude left WCW and the WWF, according to television, based on ridiculous suspensions (Jack Tunney suspended him from the WWF due to making fun of Big Bossman’s mom, WCW suspended him due to throwing a Japanese woman between himself and Sting during a match in New Japan).
-Sting apparently showed up to Slamboree to work as an usher.

-Gene shills the Hotline yet AGAIN, but this time with the lead story “Who is this Bunkhouse Buck fellow? How did he get here? Why is he the way he is?”. I hope it was an in-depth case study where Gene traced his entire geneology.

-For the second week in a row, Bobby Heenan took a match off. This week’s excuse was that he was voting against Hulk Hogan on the WCW Hotline.
-To show how schizophrenic WCW booking was, they had set up these two being partners a few weeks ago.
-Anderson wins ridiculously quickly with the DDT.

Arn Anderson joins Gene Okerlund at the interview set to talk about reuniting the Four Horsemen. I admire Arn Anderson for slicking back the ten hairs on the top of his head.

Col. Robert Parker and Meng come out to recruit Anderson for the Stud Stable. Anderson turns down Parker and they set up Anderson feuding with the Stud Stable. There was a cool moment where Arn tries to step up to Parker, but Meng steps up to Arn and Arn (a tough hombre by NWA/WCW mythology) looks Meng up and down, then backs up.

World TV Title: LARRY ZBYSZKO vs Lord STEVEN REGAL (w/Sir William)
-Zbyszko’s ring introduction includes how he’s wrestled over 5,000 matches, which was never brought up during his most recent regular run before that. Hmmm…
-Also, has anyone who’s been as much of a non-factor in the grand scheme of things as Zbyszko ever been held in such storyline regard? I understand Zbyszko had the Bruno feud, but it’s arguable that his post-retirement career (where he was constantly referred to like this incredibly legendary figure) was better for him than anything he did as an active in-ring performer.
-I think Regal lost his boots.

-They perform some lovely spots around Regal not being able to escape Zbyszko’s wristlock.
-These two had great chemistry. I remember enjoying the series when it aired, but I was six years old. I also enjoyed picking my nose. These two were smooth as silk against each other and Regal did an awesome job of putting Zbyszko over as a great technician.
-Sir William breaks up a Zbyszko pin up with the daintiest backhand slap ever. I love it.
-It’s ridiculous how sweaty wrestlers used to get on television wrestling shows under the hot lights.
-The show ended before the match did, so THE TAPE MACHINES WERE ROLLING and we would see the finish next week.

The in-ring action this week, outside of Regal/Zbyszko, left something to be desired. But, the winds of change were blowing and WCW’s summer plans were beginning to reveal themselves. I’m a huge mark for Meng, so his bodyguard run for Col. Parker coming up should make me very happy.

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