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Review: NWA Anarchy TV Episode #268 Review

by on May 26, 2011

By Will Hoefer

All in all, NWA Anarchy Ep. 268 was a pretty entertaining show. Pretty positive this was taped at the end of January 2011, so that should give you an idea on the lag between live and online accessibility (around 2 months or so, I’d gander, as they make about 3-4 episodes out of each taping). (Editor’s note: Will wrote this a little while back.)

We open with an intro detailing Kimo’s big return to Anarchy to fight with Shatter and Shadow Jackson against Jeff G. Bailey’s thugs. I really dig the “rivals team up dynamic” that Kimo and Shatter have, especially since Jeff G. Bailey is so despicable. Whenever that blowoff happens, the heat will be nuclear.

The first match of the show was a pretty basic squash by Kimo on Tommy Daniels, although I like Kimo’s finish a lot. Maybe I’m just succumbing to my wrestling stereotypes, but I love it when foreign-billed wrestlers use the Asiatic Spike as a finish, although this was dropped into a side slam.

The Four Team Tag Team Turmoil Match for number one contendership had strange rules, but all you need to know is that Youth Gone Wild (Anthony Henry & Dustin Knight) and Rich and Famous (Andrew Pendleton III and Mike Mosely) had a 10 minute draw to start that was a very pleasant surprise, in the regard that I definitely want to see a rematch with more time and a finish. Everything looked remarkably smooth from both teams, the heels, R&F, had incredible cohesion for their first match as a team (although that will be further researched), and there were some nice double team spots interspersed from both teams, although nothing overly amazing or complex. I was already a fan of YGW coming into the match, butI’m definitely seeking out more R&F related matches. Because of this draw, the match continued with the next two teams going one fall to a finish. So we get the former champs Billy Buck and Andrew Alexander (Team Alliteration was what I dubbed them) vs the half of The New Wave in the building, Steven Walters. Apparently his tag partner Derrick Driver couldn’t make it tonight, but he still wants to go it alone in order to try and ascertain the title shot granted to the victor(s). However, out comes Mike Posey, former WWE and TNA referee that wrestles pretty much everywhere in the southeast. He noticed that Walters needed a partner, and his regular tag partner Corey Hollis (known in ROH as “Alabama Attitude”, and in Rampage Pro Wrestling as “Jimmy Rave Approved”) was also absent tonight. Posey suggested a makeshift team be formed between the two in order to become #1 contenders, but before Walters could even talk Posey refused to take no for an answer and had the bell rung. Posey is normally a heel in Anarchy, so he decided to try and work as an over the top baby-face, but the crowd wasn’t buying it. Posey’s corniness is fun to watch in this match, but the match itself is just there. Nothing of note happened in terms of moves or exchanges, nary an early mat wrestling exchange between Alexander and Posey. Walters is remarkably lame in the ring, as his performance here lacks any sort of pace above slow, which for a baby-face his size is unacceptable. Finish comes when Posey shies away from a “hot” tag, which leads to Buck shying away from hitting a vulnerable Walters. Walters returns the favor by bringing in his partner the hard way, which leads to a super kick by Buck for the win. After the match, Posey gets out of dodge, as Buck and Alexander celebrate. However, Walters turns his back on his fellow faces by catching Alexander with a kick to the groin, followed up with his spinning overhead reverse DDT finish to Buck. Seems like Walters will be much more suited as a heel if that’s the pace he always works at, but I don’t really care too much about the turn until…

Out come the champs, The Hate Junkies!!! Their manager Rev. Dan Wilson, who is now like a hard rocker type manager as opposed to the satanic cult leader he was for years prior, informs the referee that Buck and Alexander get their tag shots now!

Big time heat for the Junkies based on this dick move. Junkies proceed to hit Buck with their best offense (all while keeping the worn-out Alexander out with baseball slides) which included a rope hung lung-blower and a sick looking DDT that were pulled up at 2, and a neat looking double team yakuza, which mercifully ended Billy Buck’s misery as the Junkies retain. Great heat segment for the champs here, as the crowd was really letting them have it throughout, especially on the pulled-up pins. Dan Wilson really can’t do much wrong, and these young guys will really benefit from his experience and heat as they become more and more important in Anarchy in the future. Not to mention their offense looked really brutal in this match.

Our main event was going to be “The Temptation” Shaun Tempers defending the Anarchy Television title against Brodie Ray Chase. However, since Tempers is blind in one eye after an errant spritzing a few weeks ago, he informs Chase that he can’t wrestle singles. However, if he can beat Tempers or his protégé Bo Newsome tonight in a handicap match, Brodie would get a title shot once Tempers’ eye is healed. We pretty much get another match heavily based on story, with Bo being able to ascertain a slight advantage after eating some of Brodie’s offense, only for Tempers to tag in and be unable to capitalize due to his disability, which resulted in scampering chicken-shit heel tag outs galore. Brodie is remarkable in the fact that he has to be at least 45 by now, with his training coming in the mid 1980s, yet he’s busting out pretty innovative moves that look remarkably modern, like an STO backbreaker and an arm trap back suplex. Anyway, Brodie ends up pinning Bo with what I think was a chokeslam, if I recall correctly, to earn a shot at Tempers one on one. Decent stuff here, with Brodie being impressive for a 45 year old and Bo bumping pretty well for him.

And with that we end…

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    Tim E. D(play by play announcer)

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