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Ben Pasco’s FOUR POST MASSACRE: “That’s What I Am” Audio Commentary

by on May 26, 2011

FOUR POST MASSACRE: That\’s What I Am Commentary Track

You know Ben Pasco from his appearances on the Mike & Tom Present… podcast. He’s a pretty nifty kid with an adorable face and opinions galore. We’re proud to present his own podcast, The Four Post Massacre (courtesy of the Card Subject to Change Network), a look into the mind and heart of a college graduate with testosterone in his bloodstream and an American flag bandana around his head.

On this episode, he sits down with his pals Will Hoefer & Alex Fitzgerald as they watched WWE Films’ That’s What I Am, starring Ed Harris, Chase Ellison and World Heavyweight wrestling champion Randy Orton. They give you a running commentary throughout the whole film, in case you wanted to go onto your Netflix Instant View and check it out for a laugh or three.

Listen to it. They’ll go to the papers if they have to.

Approximate Time: 106 Minutes. 

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