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5/26 Match of the Day: Matt Cage & Alex Castle (The Kentucky Buffet) vs AKIRA TOZAWA & Christian Rose

by on May 26, 2011

Today’s Match of the Day comes from May 18 (last Wednesday night), as IWA Unlimited brought in Dragon Gate sensation Akira Tozawa to Olney, Illinois to team with Christian Rose against The Kentucky Buffet (Matt Cage & Alex Castle).

It’s interesting to see a group like IWA:U, who seem to draw more casual fans than anything, bring in Tozawa since I honestly think you can count on your fingers the number of shows he’s worked in the time he’s been to America that haven’t been internet-centric. Admittedly, I watched the match on mute since I didn’t have my earbuds with me when I watched it, but from how I could read the crowd visually, they weren’t so much with it at first, but by the finish they really came up (and with good reason; the finishing sequence was a hot one). In particular, Matt Cage worked really well with Tozawa and (I swear this isn’t racist) he’s starting to remind me a bit of Jonathan Gresham (which is coincidental since Cage came out of the same Mr. Hughes WWA4 camp).  Tozawa also gets to show off his intense charm that he’s won America’s heart with since he began his extended vacation.

To view the match in its entirety, click under the cut!


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