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Mike & Tom FLASHBACK! – Episode 1: The Secret World of Kyle Cobain

by on May 25, 2011

With the podcast on hiatus for a few weeks, we’re taking this chance to let those of you who’ve recently found us catch up on our work. We thank those of you who’ve been with us since the beginning, but we realize we’ve gained a huge chunk of our fanbase since the website went full-force a couple of months ago. Every couple of days, we’ll be posting a new Flashback post to bring to light some of the more notable episodes of the podcast for you all to go back and check, if you shall choose.

Let’s go all the way back to the beginning. Let’s go back to July 10, 2010, as this whole shebang began!

EPISODE ONE: “The Secret World of Kyle Cobain”

Mike and I are coming together for this collective union of positivity and pro-wrestling love! In the inaugural edition, we talk about a sadly-forgotten July 4th pro wrestling tradition: NWA Wildside’s Freedom Fight! Also, we discuss what we perceived to be an underwhelming King of Trios (myself being more underwhelmed than Mike) and I get to tell my story about travelling down to Corydon, Indiana for STRICTLY HARDCORE WRESTLING!

(Note from 2011: To this day, people still ask me about the Strictly Hardcore Wrestling story, so I guess it’s kind of epic. Also, we hadn’t quite yet discovered the “less is more” format for the show, so this one is kind of long. Enjoy!)

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