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5/25 Match of the Day: Axl Rotten vs Joey Maggs

by on May 25, 2011

Today’s Match of the Day was brought to my attention by one of my best friends, Nick Maniwa. It’s from the October 12, 1991 edition of WCW Saturday Night and might be the single most heartbreaking Match of the Day I’ve ever posted.

If you haven’t heard me tell the story, Joey Maggs was one of my two favorite wrestlers when I was in elementary school (the other being Mark Starr). I was a peculiar child in that I was more intrigued by the plain-tights enhancement guys than anyone else on the show. There were exceptions (Sting, Randy Savage), but for the most part, the plainer you were and the more you lost, the more I was intrigued by you (there’s a Bob Starr/Sting match from WCW TV in late-1991 that I swear I watched fifty times on VHS from the time it aired until 1999).

With Maggs & Starr, the fandom was so deep that, when I’d be bored, I’d put a blanket over my shoulders as my “robe” and pretend to be an up-and-coming star in World Championship Wrestling, feuding with the Studd Stable. They’d attack me repeatedly, but I’d always get saved by Starr & Maggs, leading to the big six-man showdown where we’d win and be best friends forever. I also used to do some primitive form of fantasy booking in random notebooks laying around my parents’ house and I remember Joey Maggs won a LOT more in my little world than he did in real life (I also remember thinking I invented the European Rounds system for Lord Steven Regal almost a decade before I saw World of Sport).

Anyway, I saw an Axl Rotten & Raven dual shoot interview where they discussed Axl’s time in WCW in 1991 and how he had this match with his trainer (Maggs) where Maggs purposely went out of his way to screw over Axl since Axl was his student and was getting a spot that Joey had waited on for years. Other than the ending where Axl said he spit on Maggs on accident while trying to follow orders to be nasty and spit, everything Axl mentioned is right in this video. Joey Maggs straight-up sabotaged Axl. He wouldn’t bump for him. When he did bump for him, he obviously didn’t call it since Axl looked like he had no idea that Maggs was going to fall out of the ring when he did. The biggest, most glaring bullcrap move was towards the finish where Axl and Maggs are running the ropes and Maggs goes completely out of his way to trip Axl to make him look awful.

This match absolutely broke my heart. I knew deep down, Joey Maggs probably wasn’t a fine, upstanding individual since he came from that 80’s pro wrestler community that raised guys to be scumbags.  The fact that he not only went this far out of his way to screw over a guy, but did it so blatantly on national television is really sad. The dude was a legitimate hero of mine. Now, notsomuch.

To see the match in its entirety, please click under the cut!


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